Szondi’s test – name the face that scares you more

Psychological and psychodiagnostic tests allow people to shed light on their personality, find out their positive and negative character traits.

The test of the Hungarian psychiatrist Leopold Szondi is striking in its accuracy. It was developed in 1935. The purpose of the test is to determine the character traits that a person subconsciously suppresses in himself.

Psychiatrist Leopold Szondi
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With this unique technique, you can look your inner demons in the eye. Ready? Then follow the instructions below.

Important! The original technique of Leopold Szondi involves examining 48 faces. We offer you a simplified version of it. The scientific value of our test is lower than the original, but you can also get an interesting result with it.

Test instructions:

  1. Try to focus on yourself.
  2. Take a look at the image of 8 faces. Tell me, what kind of person you would definitely not want to be stuck in an elevator with? Who is most disagreeable to you?
  3. See the result.
Szondi's test
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# 1 – Sadist

If you chose the first person, then there is a high probability that you have suppressed sadistic tendencies. Chances are, you had authoritarian parents or teachers who were always in control of you. Hence – the subconscious desire to obtain as much freedom as possible, even through the use of force. Your inner demon is a destroyer. You seek to take revenge on your offenders (and not only them), on a conscious or unconscious level.

# 2 – Epileptic

You have absolutely no control over yourself. When you experience strong emotions, be it anger, excitement or fear, share them with everyone around you. Your inner demon is uncontrollable and prone to impulsive behavior. When you don’t like something, you react sharply, tactlessly. You don’t hold yourself back by expressing strong emotions, especially negative ones.

# 3 – Catatonic

You have a subconscious urge not to stand out from the crowd. You are in energy storage mode. The people around you consider you a calm and emotionally “cold” person, but they are wrong. In fact, due to internal complexes, you are pinched and apathetic. Your own beliefs about yourself prevent you from being liberated. Subconsciously, you consider yourself unworthy to show emotions in public and take an active social position.

# 4 – Schizophrenic

You are rarely in a stable psycho-emotional state. You often change your mood, opinion and social circle. You get tired of monotony and boredom. You find it difficult to connect with people, except for those who are like you. Subconsciously, you try to avoid any opportunity to communicate with someone new. Often times, people don’t inspire confidence in you, so you avoid them.

# 5 – Hysteroid

The state of life of a hysteroid can be compared to a crushed tap on which water runs. Once the tap will burst from strong pressure, this is how you subconsciously block your libido (life energy), but sooner or later it “wakes up” and breaks out with destructive force. Perhaps as a child, your parents did not allow you to express emotions from here, you formed a negative attitude towards it. “You can’t cry, you can’t scream, you can’t talk about your desires“- this is what your unconscious dictates to you.

# 6 – Depressive

The people with whom you maintain close relationships may not even be aware of your inner emptiness. Feel depressed, unworthy, weak, and mediocre. Negative feelings and attitudes overwhelm you, negatively affecting your self-esteem. Hence, poor concentration and an inability to rejoice. If you have chosen this face, it means that you have a clearly formed subconscious mindset towards the negative.

# 7 – Maniac

The maniac is not quite who he claims to be. He is a master of disguise. He is very smart, therefore he makes plans for the future, thinking over the options for the development of events that are optimal for himself. If you have chosen this face, then you know exactly how to circle the person you are interested in around your finger. You are a first-class manipulator. You have a huge amount of energy, therefore you are hyperactive.

# 8 – Dissociative Personality Disorder

If you chose this person, then it is highly likely that you experienced significant psychological trauma in childhood. Chances are, you were offended by the person who was supposed to take care of you (parent, teacher, senior mentor, or other). Your child’s psyche has been traumatized, hence the current self-doubt and low self-esteem. Your subconscious is trying to protect you by forming a false image of itself. You may feel that you have superpower or a moral right to control other people. In fact, this false identification is a side effect of childhood trauma.

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