Eyebrows 2020: fashion trends

Fashion develops in cycles. Belt bags, fishnet tights and thigh high boots have recently become trendy. Should we wait for the return of thin eyebrows? And what other surprises related to the design of the “face frame” await us in the near future? Let’s try to speculate on this topic!

1. Eyebrow strings

Rihanna is featured on the cover of September Vogue, released in the UK. The singer’s makeup is rather extravagant, but it was not he who caused the audience’s surprise, but the eyebrows plucked into a thin thread. It is possible that the photographer was just trying to draw attention to the cover with such an ambiguous detail. However, many have started talking about the fact that thin eyebrows can return to fashion again.
Fashion eyebrows with a thread

Of course, stylists are trying to calm down fashionistas and assure that the fashion for thin eyebrows will never return. But it cannot be ruled out that this trend will again become massive. Interestingly, communities dedicated to thin eyebrows appear on Instagram. Of course, they are rather nostalgic in nature, but nothing can be ruled out …

2. Parting eyebrows

So far, this trend can only be seen on Instagram pages. The eyebrow is parted and the hairs are combed up and down. Such a double eyebrow looks rather strange and unusual. But an increasing number of girls are already trying to repeat this styling option. However, so far only for photo sessions.

3. Maximum naturalness

Most likely, the most natural eyebrows styled with gel or wax will remain in fashion in 2020. Wide eyebrows went out of fashion, and the girls stopped painting over half of their forehead with a pencil. However, there is still a trend with rather thick eyebrows, so products that make hair thicker and denser are very popular.

The main thing – do not overdo it, because, as the brow-masters assure, nature has already endowed each person with those eyebrows that suit him the most, and all that remains is to emphasize their shape and shade.

Eyebrows styled with gel

4. Colored eyebrows

The trend for colored hair has delighted all those who love unusual, bright images. Most likely, multi-colored eyebrows will also come into fashion in the near future. Of course, such a fashion will be widespread only among young people and courageous middle-aged women: older ladies will continue to give preference to classics. But it’s hard not to be glad that modern fashion makes the world brighter and more diverse!

Hard to predictwhat eyebrows will be in fashion next year. For now, it is wiser to bet on naturalness. What assumptions will turn out to be true? Time will tell! What do you think?

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