Tangerine massage or how to bring passion back into a relationship

On New Year’s Eve, not only children, but also adults dream that their cherished desires will come true, and miracles and magic happen in their lives.

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The story that I want to tell is just from a series of New Year’s fairy tale that has become a reality. It happened a few years ago in early December. Olga came to me for a consultation. She was a pretty, middle-aged woman with completely dull eyes. Her visit was a cry from the heart.

From the doorway, she stated that she was on the verge of divorce and she really needed help. Sitting in a chair, she took a pack of napkins and began to tell her story.

“Well, like everyone else, I have a family, children, work, cleaning, cooking – a vicious circle. Day is similar to day. And we have been living with my husband for a long time as neighbors, no help, no attention, no closeness. I don’t understand when we became like that, because he used to carry me in his arms, but now he doesn’t even kiss, as if I’m an empty space. What can I do, how to return everything that was between us before? “ She asked, shedding tears.

Listening to Olga, I understood that in her family, just like in many others, everyday life and routine led to the separation of the spouses and the loss of mutual interest, and that it was necessary to “reflash” their relationship through novelty and positive emotions.

“Let’s anchor him?” – I suggested.

“Like this? What is it?” Olga asked in surprise.

“We will anchor passion and attraction for you. And tangerines will help us with this “, – I answered smiling.

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In NLP there is a method of setting anchors, which allows a person to quickly enter a particular psychoemotional state. “Anchors” are:

  • visual (image, item of clothing, color, picture, object);
  • auditory (words, sounds, favorite song, name);
  • kinesthetic (touches, hugs, temperature changes, warmth, cold);
  • and smell and taste (favorite perfume or delicacy).

The anchor is set at the peak of the emotional uplift and reinforced several times to get it going.

“Do you and your husband have a favorite song?” I asked.

“Not that a song, we are very Enigma I liked it, we used to do this to her “, – Olga recalled with a sad smile.

“Well, so, if you turn on any of these tracks and at the same time hugging your husband, lightly touch his wrist and repeat this for several days in a row, then, simply touching his wrist, his mood will rise. And listening to music, it will also have a resource state, since you will launch two anchors, kinesthetic and auditory, ” – I said.

“Yeah, I get it. And what have tangerines got to do with it? “ – Olga was perplexed.

“And besides! After certain actions, which I will talk about a little later, your husband, when he sees or smells tangerines, will not remember the New Year, but you, and feel attracted to you ”, – I answered.

“God, it sounds like a fairy tale! Am I ready, what should I do? “ – Olga asked with burning eyes.

It is necessary to massage with tangerines

And we are preparing this special gift in advance.

In a few days you text him:

“Darling, soon an amazing gift awaits you, from which you will be completely delighted. You haven’t had anything like this before. ”

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Ideally, if you make this surprise a few days before the New Year, so that on a festive night, looking at tangerines, he will experience a surge of energy and attraction.

To do this, we prepare everything in stages:

  1. We buy tangerines, 20 pieces, it is better to take pitted.
  2. We buy ordinary candles, also about 20 pieces, and most importantly – buy a special massage candle. This candle consists of pressed massage oil and when it burns out, it forms warm massage oil.
  3. We need disposable baby nappies. Massage with tangerines is a very messy event (a lot of juice and pulp scatters on the sides), in order to quickly remove everything, we use diapers.
  4. Your image. Any man has an unconscious fantasy of intimacy with a stranger. Therefore, in a long-term relationship, habit and routine hits with desire and attraction. And we will launch his libido through the image of a seductive stranger. You will need a beautiful mask and underwear with open access between the legs.
  5. Need handcuffs and a sleep mask. And two iron wine buckets.

Freeze a lot of ice. Prepare your favorite tracks in advance.

Day “X”

In the morning we write: “Darling, a surprise awaits you tonight.” In the afternoon we write: “Everything is ready”

And towards evening we write: “Honey, I’m burning with impatience, come sooner.”

When a man arrives, he sees a prepared atmosphere. Candles were lit and placed at different levels, pleasant music sounds, dinner is on the table. You are in a beautiful dress with open access underwear.

The man is completely sure that a romantic dinner is a surprise. But we know what will happen next …

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After dinner, we ask the man to go to the shower and not go out until you call him. You take off your dress, stay in your underwear, you have a beautiful mask in front of your eyes, turn on the music louder.

We take out the pre-cut tangerines (cut in half), pour boiling water into one bucket and throw the tangerines, throw a lot of ice into the other and also throw the tangerines.

We have already prepared two terry towels, wet and dry napkins in a certain place.

We put a chair in the center of the room and follow the man. Opening the door, we take him by the hand and gesture for him to be silent. This is exactly the stranger effect we need to fuel attraction.


  1. We seat a naked man on a chair.
  2. We put a bandage on his eyes, we fasten our hands with handcuffs from behind.
  3. Further, when he no longer sees anything, we spread a diaper around the chair and pour the man’s leg from the knee down with ordinary massage oil, then we take out hot tangerines and massage the calves, knees, feet, heels and fingers with the pulp.
  4. Then we take out cold tangerines and do the same, only quickly, then we take a massage candle and pour warm massage oil on our knee, and then we take cold tangerines. A very cool effect.
  5. And we end with a mix: in one hand a hot tangerine, in the other cold. Then we do the same on the other leg.

The man experiences very pleasant sensations, he relaxes, inhales the smell of tangerines and our task is not to let him fall asleep. Therefore, the entire massage lasts no more than 15 minutes.

And then the real show begins. We change the music and put on a track for a passionate dance. We quickly remove all diapers and tangerines. Remember to rinse off all the juice from the man’s feet so that he doesn’t get distracted by the sticky feeling on his feet.

Next, remove the mask from the man’s eyes and perform a passionate dance. Well, after such a performance, we untie the man’s hands and go with him in close proximity.

This is just shock content for any man. Nobody had ever done this to him. This is incredible excitement and unusual sensations, and the smell of tangerine and his woman is so different.

In general, we have set a bright anchor, but it needs to be repeated several times. To do this, you can turn on your music the next evening and light an aroma lamp with a tangerine scent, and in the evening he will eat these tangerines already at the New Year’s table.

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Do this more often in order to re-launch the correct psycho-emotional state and attraction to you in your man.

That evening Olga left me with burning eyes, smiling like a child. And after 5 months she came to me for a consultation, and I was, to put it mildly, in a pleasant shock from her changes. It was the very elegance and seduction, she moved smoothly and gracefully, she blissed out herself and her condition. She shone with happiness.

“I did everything as you told me, and my husband was in some kind of shock. We had such a passion that night, even at the beginning of the relationship it never came to that. And then on March 8 he bought a ticket to the sea and there tangerines grew right on the street, and when we walked with him, he went crazy, in front of everyone he seduced and kissed me. And now he chooses a car for me for my birthday. Do you know what color? “ – Olga said excitedly.

“What is it?” – I asked.

“Orange!” She laughed.

“I live like a fairy tale. Thanks tangerines! “ She added.

This is not a fairy tale, this is how anchors work. And the most powerful anchors are those set in close proximity. What they are and how to do it correctly, I will tell you in the next article.

Sensual and long-term relationship to you, hot nights and everyone with the upcoming holidays!

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Have you ever had to bring passion back into a relationship? Share with us in the comments!

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