10 things you shouldn’t tell your man

“Anything you say can be used against you.” This is what the famous film says. The same applies to the relationship between a man and a woman.

Honesty and openness are the keys to a happy, strong and long-lasting relationship. But not everything that happens in a woman’s head needs to be broadcast to your chosen one.

Unnecessary information can not only affect your relationship. But even if you suddenly disperse, it will serve as compromising evidence, because not all men can and are able to beautifully and honestly end a relationship.

COLADY will tell you what you shouldn’t tell a man about if you don’t want to ruin your relationship with him.

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1. Former

This is taboo at all times and for all couples. No matter how a man interrogates you about his predecessors, you should not dump the whole truth on him.

Under no pretext is it worth talking about the exploits of your ex. “And Vitya carried me in his arms, but you …” This is a big blow to your man’s self-esteem, and in his eyes you will immediately fall by several points.

Even if he asks himself, try to covertly avoid the answer. For him, this may be a fleeting interest, but an unwanted answer can provoke a scandal. And in the future, such a revelation may play a “cruel joke” with you.

2. His mom

No matter how well you treat your mother-in-law, try not to overdo it in conversations about her.

Mom for a man is sacred. The standard of a woman, the closest person. If it seems to you that the most harmless reproach towards his relatives will not change his attitude, then you are mistaken.

Yes, he may even agree that his mother has some flaws, but when another person voices this, the man will immediately defend his mother. And you will immediately be entered into his “black book”.

3. Passwords and pin codes

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Yes, everything is built on trust. You can be 100% sure of your chosen one, but sometimes this may not be entirely true.

It’s not about the passwords that you set so that no one reads the correspondence with other boyfriends. Here you are already committing treason. And about access to personal accounts in general.

Explain to your man that you have nothing to hide, and he can see whatever he wants, but only in your presence. Women have tons of secrets that men don’t need to know.

Correspondence with girlfriends, work chats, and even messages from your ex that you ignored are all best kept secret.

4. Little things for girls

Men already have enough worries to hear from their women about sales, new cosmetics, the cost of tights and beauty treatments for stretch marks.

Your faithful can and will listen, because he does not want to offend you. But believe me, he will say a huge thank you if you leave these conversations for women’s gatherings.

In addition, men are not always ready to adequately perceive the cost of some “feminine things”. And let it remain your little secret.

5. Communication with ex

When partners maintain normal relations after parting, this is good. If you communicate as friends (and both are absolutely sure of this), then you should not tell your man about it. Such a revelation is unlikely to please him.

Moreover, if you completely belong to your chosen one, and you are periodically visited by “calls from the past”. You can ignore such attention from the ex, you can rudely put in place – it does not matter.

Silence for your man will save you from suspicion, nervousness and bouts of jealousy.

6. Secrets of girlfriends

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As you know, women do not know how to keep their mouths shut. But to give out other people’s secrets, even to the closest person, is bad.

First, you set up your friend. And secondly, a man may think that he should not trust you with his personal secrets, since you do not know how to keep them.

7. Diseases and complexes

Do not overwhelm your man with far-fetched shortcomings. “Thick, ugly, crooked nose, three chins and legs like a wheel.” He may not have noticed this before, but now he will begin to pay attention. Besides, why does he need a woman who doesn’t love herself?

It’s even worse to tell your man about all kinds of sores. Of course, this does not apply to serious cases when his help will be needed and important.

But it is not worth discussing with him the process of having a baby, stretch marks, acne, hated antennae, critical days and cellulite under any pretext.

Such conversations strain men and lead to a stupor. Better if he thinks you “Goddess without flaws.”

8. Income and expenses

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Perhaps this point will displease readers. However, it is important to remember – you should not measure yourself with your faithful wallets. Even if you make more money, your man shouldn’t know this. And if he does, then there is no need to constantly mention it, especially in the company of friends and relatives.

Some items of expenditure should also be kept secret. Your man does not need to know that ink costs 2,000 rubles, and the third bag for six months “Cost 15,000 rubles for the action”… Save your chosen one’s nerves.

9. Compliments to other men

Your faithful should not hear how you blur in the praise of other representatives of the stronger sex.

Even if your friend is better, taller, stronger and more promising than your chosen one, you should not focus on this in the presence of a man. Your beloved should know that for you he is the best and that he has no other competitors in this world.

10. Sources of information

All women are naturally very curious. They know how to work with information better than any sleuth. We are interested in everything – with whom, where, when and at what time.

Only a woman will be able to collect a dossier on a person by one photo on social networks within 5 minutes, without even knowing his name.

Therefore, you should not give out to your beloved all informants and sources, as well as disclose the ways by which you will find out some secrets and other information.

If you ask a friend for help, then you may be restricted from communicating with her. If you tell us how you skillfully crack passwords on phones, you may soon be faced with a complex pattern or fingerprint.

10 things you shouldn't tell your man
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The feminine ability to “keep silent on time” brings some advantages to a relationship. Calmness, harmony, reputation of a “mysterious woman”. In addition, by dosing information, you will be able to control the negative aspects of the couple.

No wonder they say: “Silence is gold.”

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