The first all-Russian festival from “Soyuzmultfilm”

In the period from mid-November to the end of December, residents of 26 Russian cities will be able to attend a unique festival, which will be held in the format of a “multiconcert”. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your children with your family, get new emotions and improve your mood.

How did the idea of ​​the festival come about?

The festival itself is based on the “multiconcert” format, which is more popular in the West. The organizers of the festival decided to combine two formats – music and cartoons, as well as present to the public a new version of how else one can find out the plot of a famous cartoon film.

Soyuzmultfilm's first all-Russian festival of cartoon concerts
The Western idea has already received a response from the public. Many spectators gladly bought tickets for a unique event that will become one of the largest cultural events in the country.

Estimated date and cities

According to the organizers, the festival itself should take place in 26 cities, and from 2020 it will become an annual event. And also “Multsoyuz” is sure that soon this format will show itself as a separate work of art, a new offshoot from the usual standards.

Soyuzmultfilm's first all-Russian festival of cartoon concerts

The proposed date is from November 14 to December 26. This segment is exhibited on the official website of Russian culture. Tickets can be purchased on a separate website, with which you can later visit the festival itself. The festival will be held offline, but the pandemic situation may impose its own conditions. In any case, they will write about all the changes on the official website, they will warn you before the concert.

Festival program

The screen will feature various plots of all famous cartoons, including:

  • Cheburashka.
    “In Port”.
    “How the Lion and the Turtle sang.”
    And many others.

Soyuzmultfilm's first all-Russian festival of cartoon concerts

The entire official program can be viewed on the website. When buying tickets, the visited program is also indicated. This unique event will be accompanied by a written music orchestra. The music will fully fit the format of the cartoon shown on the screen.

The essence of the “multiconcert”

This is the first festival to combine two formats: cartoons and symphonic music. Various famous cartoons will be shown on the big screen against the background of the orchestra, and they will be accompanied by music of different formats, and children – soloists will sing along.

“Everyone will be able to discover something new for themselves,” says the Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova.

Someone likes music more, and someone loves to watch cartoons. Everyone will choose for themselves something of their own.

The meaning of the festival

Cartoons are the first step in becoming a small child. It is from cartoons that the child learns which actions can be considered good and which are bad. Many adults grew up on cartoons. However, not only cartoons play an important role in the formation of a person.

Soyuzmultfilm's first all-Russian festival of cartoon concerts

Music is also a certain guide of a person into adulthood. By connecting these industries, you can achieve a really interesting result. This is what the creators of the festival thought – a charitable foundation “Harmony”and also a partner Zapomni

Soyuzmultfilm organized and thought out an interesting and unique idea. The combination of formats should give the viewer new emotions. Moreover, such a concert will be interesting to watch only for adults, but also for children.

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