The meaning of the name Lyudmila – Lyuba in marriage, work and in life

Every country in the world has specific names for boys and girls. Each of them is special. Have you ever wondered why some people become strong and others weak? I’ll answer you – this is largely determined by the grievance that they acquire from birth.

Today I will talk about what the name Lyudmila means. Together with you, I will try to unravel the mystery of this name.

Origin and meaning

Lyudmila name

This gripe has a purely Slavic origin. Its literal decoding is “sweet to people”. Girl-Luda is really very sweet and kind. Warm, light energy emanates from her, which she willingly shares with the world.

Interesting! The name Lyudmila became very popular in Russia and in neighboring countries thanks to the publication of Alexander Pushkin’s poem Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Every inhabitant of the USSR, no doubt, knows the grievance in question. It was very popular several decades ago. Now it is rare to find little girls with the name Lyudmila. And it’s a pity, because this gripe carries an extremely positive message, endows its bearer with a huge number of advantages.

Popular diminutive forms of the name:

  • Lyudochka;
  • Lucy;
  • Luda.

There are no English analogues.

Day of the name Lyudmila – September 28.


meaning of the name Lyudmila

Lyudmila is an incredibly strong-willed nature. If you set a clear goal for yourself, you will definitely get what you want. From early childhood, he surprises those around him with a calm disposition. A very obedient child who rarely gives any trouble to his parents.

Loves communication. She is very sociable. Not a day can go by without discussing various issues with her friends. A special magnetism emanates from the bearer of the name in question. People enjoy spending time with her. They feel safe and joyful when they are around.

Lyudmila is a very strong woman. Whatever problems arise in her life, she will cope with each one. Knows how to clearly set goals and move towards achieving them.

Important! If Luda remains in social isolation, she begins to suffer and seek communication at any cost.

One of her greatest strengths is patience. Such a woman knows how to wait. She will not get hysterical, try to attract attention to herself and act on the sly. Believes that problems need to be addressed as they arise. Never loses her head. Her sanity remains sane to a ripe old age.

Lyudmila's character

Due to the presence of such advantages as a stable psyche, patience and wisdom, Lyudmila has many friends at any age. Each of them gladly accepts her advice and even needs it. She rarely makes mistakes, and everyone understands this.

Such people are said to have a big heart. Luda is a very kind and gentle woman. She takes other people’s sorrows deeply to her heart. Doesn’t ignore the troubles of his friends. Offers help even when not asked to. Very responsive and respectable.

By nature, she is open. Does not hide secrets even from strangers. By the way, this is also her drawback – she does not know how to keep secrets. Many people are real talkers.

Its virtues include justice. Will not tolerate when someone tries to take over the weak and suppress them. Dislikes manipulators and rude people. But, it rarely enters into open conflict. He prefers to settle everything kindly. Due to his peaceful and calm nature, he never provokes others to aggression.

Luda is a rather proud woman who will never lose her face. She is extremely demanding of herself, very brave and responsive.

Work and career

What does the name Lyudmila mean? First of all, kindness and responsiveness. However, this does not mean that the bearer of this gripe does not strive for financial well-being.

Even by virtue of her peaceful nature, she is a skillful businessman. Endurance, dedication and focus help her achieve significant success in her work. Luda moves along the career ladder progressively, without jerking. She’s not the type to go over the head or sit on a coworker to get a promotion.

Luda at work

Usually, the bosses appreciate the bearer of the name in question due to her high performance and good working capacity. She is patient, consistent and resilient to stress.

What kind of work will suit Lyudmila? The one that implies perseverance and planning. It will make a good lawyer, accountant, travel guide or teacher. The bearer of this name is great at getting along with people. She can build a successful career in social work.

But with creativity and initiative, she is not as good as she would like. Luda may not be able to generate a hundred great ideas in a short time, but she will make efforts to implement them under the guidance of a superior person.

Marriage and family

Lyudmila is a beautiful and stately woman. She is never deprived of the attention of a man. Already at a young age, she has to choose a life partner from a huge number of suitors.

Usually, Luda gets married early, as she falls in love very much. But, not the fact that the marriage will be successful for her. Luda’s first man is proud, strong and very effective. He knows exactly what he wants from life. With this self-confidence, he conquers her.

Luda in love

The bearer of this name does not delay the birth of the first child. She is a loving and caring mother. Lyudmila’s children may take offense at her for the fact that she is rarely at home because of work. This is partly true, because in the first half of her life she really works for wear and tear. She strives to ensure that her children do not need anything. Usually the children of such a woman really do not feel the need. They have good living conditions, a decent education, and sometimes they even receive housing as a gift.

Closer to the age of 50, Luda begins to understand that the time has come to stop and live for herself. She gladly welcomes her grandchildren, travels a lot and communicates with friends. But, if someone from the household gets into trouble, he will always come to the rescue.

Lyudmila is a faithful wife, a wonderful mother and a good friend.


Unfortunately, such kind-hearted people as the bearer of this name cannot boast of excellent health. From early childhood, Luda is susceptible to colds.

Closer to the age of 35, Lyudmila may develop intestinal or liver problems. It is extremely important for her to adhere to the rules of a healthy diet!

Therefore, I propose to People to adhere to these recommendations:

  • drink plenty of water throughout the day;
  • eat vegetables and fruits every day;
  • minimize consumption of fast food;
  • give up food fried in vegetable oil;
  • reduce the consumption of baked goods and smoked meats.

How exactly does this description suit you, Lyudmila? Leave a comment under the article.

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