The most beautiful models of fur coats in 2020

“You can’t forbid living beautifully.” All famous and influential people of this world adhere to this principle. Therefore, designers of fashion houses are trying hard to create spectacular luxury items. Expensive fur coats can rightfully be attributed to them. Here is a rating of the most chic haute couture furs. Moreover, along with the description, prices for these branded items will be given. So, the marathon can be considered open.

Fur coat from the royal shoulder

The most beautiful fur coats of 2020

How much pomp and grandeur the brilliant-white hue is fraught with. At the same time, it exudes unearthly purity and splendor. For this reason, Virginie Viard, creative director of the French fashion house Chanel, decided to create a luxurious snow-white floor-length fur coat.

The unusual design makes the product extravagant:

  • fur jacket;
  • Cape style;
  • execution – knitting of a cloth from small feathers.

Unfortunately, the price of such a “charm” is not indicated on the manufacturer’s website. Nevertheless, unofficial sources report that the brand asked for more than $ 25,000 for its creation. Only a select few can afford this luxury. Only the products of the Chanel company, Fendi, can compete with this model.

Several beautiful fur coats were presented in the latest collection of the brand:

  • Madame Elegance… The first thing that catches your eye is the correctly defined shoulders, as well as the terry hem. The designers cut the product obliquely, thereby creating a spectacular embossed pattern. Plus, the wide but petite lapels fit perfectly into this idyll. The belt has become an unusual solution, but it in no way spoils the luxury style. The starting price of this Fendi creation is 8 thousand euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20201

  • Miss Insolence… For lovers of ethnic motives, the couturier decided to make a compositional fur coat. The perfect combination of stripes, triangles and squares of beige, red and brown shades give the image of strong-willed courage. However, the mink collar balances the defiant bow. The cost of such beauty is 11 thousand euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20202

  • Alpha Goddess… This fanciful model will help you to stun your appearance. The sleeves of the product have a non-standard cut. On the one hand, they run a transverse plan, and on the other, a longitudinal one. The central part of the fur coat has a relief pattern in the horizontal plane, while the hem consists of diamond-shaped compositions. At the show, the interest of many was riveted to the lining, because it “played” with shiny emerald-colored inserts. You can get this fur thing for only 15,000 dollars.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20203

Important! The cost of these luxury items largely depends on the pricing policy of the brand’s representative company. In addition, the official fashion houses hide the price of such things. However, you can find it out on an individual basis, through a personal message upon request.

In addition, a fur coat with a diagonal decor deserves special attention. In fact, it is a caramel-colored coat, decorated with feather stripes of fur. Moreover, the side of the product has an arched shape, which gives the female silhouette a special piquancy. Therefore, even in a fur coat, a woman will appear naked. This model can be safely called a beautiful heritage of the Fendi brand. It costs in the range of 4-5 thousand euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20204
Fendi and Moshino

Important! A chic version of a full-length fur coat was demonstrated by the fashion house Moschino. The fake fox on the collar of the fashion model and the hem, decorated with voluminous tails, have become accessories of the luxurious long-pile product. You will have to pay more than $ 25,000 for such a luxury.

Black and white parade performed by furs

This fashion season, designers have opted for neutral shades. In the collection of Yves Saint Laurent were presented luxury fur coats in black and white. Moreover, the organizers of the fashion show demonstrated them in infrared light.

In this light, these three models looked unforgettable:

  • Striped… The cost of a product made of lush fur is estimated at 10,650 euros. The gate represented the “front line” of the dark and light army. The front and back had a diagonal cut, and the sleeves had a cross cut. Even critics liked this combination.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20205

  • “With mother-of-pearl buttons”… With its cut, this fur coat resembles the legendary robe from the Soviet film “The Diamond Arm”. Only instead of buttons, black fur pom-poms stand out brightly on the snow-white product. The laconic collar fits perfectly into a romantic look. The price that Saint Laurent has requested for it is over 6,000 euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20206

  • Royal character… Minimalism with a touch of chic. This is how fashion experts spoke about this model. Long pile of black color luxuriously impresses the volumetric shoulders of the product. It is noteworthy that the designers achieved such an effect only thanks to the cut and the correct use of the texture of the fur. This fur coat costs only 8,700 euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20207

The couturiers of the fashion brand Dennis Basso decided to destroy this empire of neutral shades. Models in brown-red performance made a splash in the fashion industry.

A fashion model in a fur coat with an original collar depicting a heart appeared on the podium. A wide belt with a gold buckle and a ¾ sleeve were added to the image, not to mention the peppery cut of the product. Of course, such a “miracle” costs around $ 9,000. But for real fans, it’s not money.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20208
Dennis Basso

Important! In the Dennis Basso collection there were several wrap-around fur coats. The colorful print satin cuffs and the bow scarf fit perfectly into the elegant outfit.

Bright colors of life in the personification of a fur coat

The most beautiful fur coats of 202011
Max mara

This decision came as a surprise to many connoisseurs of beauty. The Max Mara fashion house decided to challenge the classics. Their collection of Teddy Bear fur coats showed that luxury items can be colorful and contrasting.

So, cute fur coats of super-fashionable shades appeared on the catwalk:

  • sky-blue;
  • neon blue;
  • laser lemon.

Important! The vibrant hues and teddy bear effect make designer pieces the most enjoyable and beautiful pieces in the world.

Interesting fact… It seemed to some fashionistas that the proposed options were made of faux fur. Still, we hasten to disappoint them, but at the same time please. On the official website of the fashion brand, the composition of the material is indicated: 62% alpaca (llama), 26% maiden wool and 12% silk. Few expected such a turn of events. The price of these spectacular products is 145,000 rubles.

The most beautiful fur coats of 20209
Max mara

Important! The first two double-breasted models are cocoon-shaped and also come with lapels. The third “sister” from this series is presented in the form of a strict rectangle.

Another leading brand in the world, No-21, entered the fashion arena. Of course, the designers decided to “take” the audience with colors. Mini-style fur coats with a lowered shoulder line and without a collar did not look very respectable. But a catchy ruby ​​shade, as well as an emerald color with a blue undertone, pulled the image into the rating of the most beautiful fur coats in 2020. The cost of such luxury items is 2,800 euros.

The most beautiful fur coats of 202010

The festival of the most charming furs of the fashion season can be considered closed.

If you had the opportunity, what model would you choose to reset your bank account for? Write in the comments.

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