The most elegant haircuts and hairstyles of 2021

Looking for a good reason to change your hairstyle? Then let’s take a look at the main trends in 2021. Since fashion is an eternal repetition of the old, this year we are still inspired by past trends and are reviving them again.

The trend we saw in 2020 continues to set the tone in 2021. And first of all, this is the 70s. When it comes to fashion, we go for seventies boots. When it comes to makeup, we’re back to disco colors. We also style our hair again.

So which hairstyle should you choose?

1. Straight square

Recently, this haircut has been chosen by glamorous celebrities, for example, Monica Bellucci. And Monica is always a good example. But what if your hair is shorter? Then your option is a French bob. This is slightly wavy hair down to the chin level, preferably with bangs. They can be slightly tousled or neatly combed.

Straight square
Photo @taylor_hill

2. Curly hair of medium length

Add bangs to shoulder-length hair or to an elongated bob and curl it all a little. Light perm again “on the crest of the wave”. This hairstyle, very reminiscent of the 80s, is now definitely in trend. You can also make the haircut a little beveled or cascading.

Medium curly hair
Photo @dommayak

3. Long hair with side bangs

If you want long hair, look at what Kaia Gerber, Jennifer Lopez or Emily Ratajkowski are currently wearing. To echo the 70s trend, create thick, slightly elongated bangs that need to be tucked to one side, like Françoise Hardy. Well, or take a closer look at the styling options for long hair from actress Anne Hathaway.

Ann Hataway
Photo @annehathaway

How to style long hair: trends 2021

1. Mermaid hair

Soft and delicate Hollywood curls disappeared, giving way to mermaid hair. Very wavy, almost jagged curls are now in vogue. To achieve “mermaid hair”, you need to purchase a triangular curling iron or braid thin and very tight pigtails at night.

Mermaid hair
Photo @emilisindlev

2. Bubble tail

The Bubble Ponytail or bubble tail is back. All you need to do is stock up on a small amount of rubber bands, which you will use to intercept the collected tail in several places. A cool effect is guaranteed!

Bubble tail
Photo @annelauremais

3. Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle

The popularity of this option is also growing! This is the signature hairstyle of Farrah Fawcett, another 70s beauty icon. Stylish girls have always tried to reproduce it as accurately as possible. The hairstyle is done on long hair and, if possible, with long bangs.

Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle
Photo @matildadjerf

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