The most instructive and useful cartoons for children

My child loves cartoons, but I do not allow him to watch everything. What cartoons are recommended for young children to watch? I, teacher Sergey Ashmanov, will tell you about this now.

How to choose a cartoon correctly

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  • Cartoons have a great influence on the mental state of children, and for children, each cartoon is obliged to demonstrate goodness and something useful: the character shows a desire to study, helps others, does not show greed, shows honesty. Good cartoons often have an instructive storytelling style and are exemplified by the protagonists.
  • Even the most instructive and kind cartoon can pose a danger to the mental state of babies if strong bright colors are used in it. Colors that do not match sharply with each other, or are very bright, oversaturate the child’s psyche, as a result, the child can be overexcited, aggressive. Calm, faded, warm colors, on the contrary, have a calming effect on the child’s psyche, without distracting from the full plot.
  • The sound design plays just as important a role as the image. The sound series should also not emit strongly harsh sounds, the music should be soothing and calm.
  • In addition, the presentation of text data to your child is considered an important aspect. A good cartoon should contain not only dialogues between the main characters, but, in fact, monologues of the characters. Their thoughts, feelings, rationale and motivation for actions should be presented to the baby in a voiceover. It is monologues that help children to be included in the events of the cartoon and actively take part in them in their imagination.

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Top 10 best cartoons for children

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1. Smeshariki

An animated series with funny little animal balls that live in a kind world where there is no place for cruelty. In this cartoon, there are no obsessive moralizing and silly sugary. Therefore, children adore Smeshariki and are happy to learn, together with them, to find extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems.

Useful: Among Smeshariki, there are no negative characters, except for the evil clone of Losyash. Almost every episode is based on some problematic situation that a child may encounter in life. Behind the childish naivety and outward simplicity of the storyline, philosophical and even quite serious themes are hidden that develop the thinking of the child.

2. Adventures of Luntik

Russian animated educational series for preschool children. This is the story of the fluffy little animal Luntik, who was born on the Moon and fell from it to Earth. Actions take place in a forest clearing near the pond. A huge number of characters are small animals: fish, insects, frogs, etc. They represent both children and adults.
Useful: The animated series is very kind, it shows a child’s view of the world. In its meaning, there are no wholly and completely negative heroes, even a hysterical leech and hooligans — caterpillars are shown very often from different sides, multifaceted characters, in which there are also positive character traits.

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3. Masha and the Bear

Russian animated series about a little girl Masha, who haunts no one, and first of all – her comrade Bear. The cartoon is very funny and kind, primarily intended for children aged 3 to 9 years old, but adults will also laugh at the adventures of the Bear and Masha, remembering their carefree childhood.

Useful: When a kid watches this cartoon, he begins to learn about the world and human relationships, he begins to learn about mutual assistance and friendship, about development in the modern world.

4. Bambi

Kind, sincere, real cartoon about the adventures of the little deer Bambi. The picture examines the events of the period of his birth until the age of an adult deer, so similar to the impregnable and proud leader of the reindeer herd.

Useful: Children begin to learn about the world at the expense of the drawn characters of Walt Disney, as if at the same time with them, while receiving lessons in love for all living things and kindness. This is a very educational cartoon.

5. Peppa Pig

An informative, funny and very kind cartoon for very young children, about the cheerful Peppa Pig, who lives with mom Pig, dad Pig and brother George. The funny pig Peppa really likes to play with his comrades, make interesting acquaintances and dress up. Each episode of the cartoon is a new adventure of the cheerful Peppa Pig, which always ends with explosions of grunts and laughter.

Helpful: Each picture plays out a new situation, a glance at which can be useful to your child. There is a lot of kindness in this animated series.

6. SpongeBob

American animated series. The main character is perfectly adapted for the psyche of children: he is kind, sweet, soft, what a real sponge should be, and besides, nothing can happen to him. SpongeBob is constantly different: he can be good and bad, sad and funny, so he is interesting for everyone.
Useful: Children of any age can watch this cartoon. And for kids who are inattentive, restless, with a constant change of mood and who are prone to aggression, it is especially useful.

7. Dasha the traveler

Educational and educational cartoon. Dasha is a girl of seven years old, she is also the main character. Dasha has a faithful companion – a monkey named Slipper, with whom she overcomes all obstacles and difficulties, and also travels in search of new adventures and opens the world.
Helpful: The storyline will get your toddler involved in the adventure. This animated series will help your child learn the words of the English language, develop his attention, learn to count, distinguish colors, shapes and sizes.

8. The Adventures of Leopold the Cat

An instructive and kind Russian cartoon can bring a lot of pleasure to both children and adults. Interesting stories will interest every viewer. 2 cute mice will try to annoy the kindest cat. A cartoon about the kindest cat who does not catch mice and lives in friendship with everyone.
Useful: A cartoon like this was created not only for amusement, but also for the purpose of teaching children the simplest things: kindness, moral values. The cartoon teaches good deeds, the ability to forgive. Children, looking at it, can understand a lot.

9. Watch out, monkeys!

An animated series filmed at a Soviet film studio. The cartoon tells about the adventures of 5 baby monkeys who live in the zoo with their mother. The kids are distinguished by fantastic energy, naivety and a penchant for adventurism, their mother has to save them from trouble and correct their pranks.
Helpful: A cartoon like this can teach children good behavior. Actions are always important. With the help of this cartoon, they will learn how to behave correctly and listen to their parents.

10. Horton

The baby elephant Horton has such huge ears that, it turns out, he can even hear flowers. Rather, the animals that live in them. But, if Horton the elephant starts talking to invisible babies, other animals begin to think that he is inadequate. But Horton doesn’t care. He considers it his duty to save the flower population from external threats.
Useful: A wonderful cartoon that allows children to understand that their features, which others can call strange or funny, do not need to be hidden, because it is possible that they are considered a manifestation of some kind of talent.

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