Tom Hanks talks about his long journey to true love

Today Tom Hanks is a legend of the Hollywood industry and a man who has earned a name and recognition not only for his film work, but also for his good deeds.

Thanks to his brilliant career, the actor now does not need anything and can live in abundance and comfort, but his childhood was far from cloudless and happy.

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“All I felt was just loneliness.”

In an interview with the Guardian magazine in 2016, the actor revealed that he had a difficult childhood as he led a nomadic life with his father Amos, who worked as a cook in restaurants. For 10 years they have changed at least a dozen places of residence.

Hanks admitted that then he had a minimum of things, because they moved regularly, and all that he constantly felt was only loneliness.

Feelings of loneliness were also the result of being raised in a single parent family. Tom was born in California, and when the boy was five years old, his parents separated. Tom, his older brother and sister moved to live with their father, and another newborn brother stayed with his mother.

“Nobody taught me how to brush my teeth,” the actor recalls. – I didn’t floss until I graduated from high school. I knew about oral hygiene only from the film strip, which I watched in the second grade. It said: “Eat an apple and it will clear your teeth.”… Well, great, I ate an apple last week, so my teeth seem to be quite clean. “

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His parents were never there, but Tom Hanks does not take offense at them, because, according to him, they were just very taciturn:

“They didn’t have the right words for us. And they were so worn out by self-loathing, guilt and all that kind of feeling, and there were four of us too … they were just exhausted. So, now I myself have four children, and as soon as you have your own children, you begin to understand a lot. “

Marriage as an escape from loneliness

Hanks’ first marriage did not last long. He married Samantha Lewis in 1978 when he was 21 in order to “get out of loneliness.”

The former spouses have two children – son Colin and daughter Elizabeth. However, having a family at such an early age helped Hanks in a way:

“Having a baby at 21 was an amazing experience for me. I didn’t become a party-goer and didn’t use anything forbidden. ”

However, since the actor got married in order not to be lonely, and not for love, the relationship soon exhausted itself. In 1987, she and Samantha divorced, and a new stage of loneliness would await Hanks ahead, but life had other plans for him. He began an affair with Rita Wilson, and in 1988 they got married.

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Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson at the Academy Awards, 1989
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Tom Hanks describes it this way:

“I will never be lonely now. This is what I felt when I met my wife. “

Since then, they have been inseparable for over 30 years!

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