Who are you from the series “Desperate Housewives”

While watching a movie or TV series, we often recognize ourselves in some of the characters. This means that the psychological type of the hero coincides with ours, which allows you to know your personality from another side. The series “Desperate Housewives” is replete with characters – completely different people who are connected by one single nuance. Find out who you are from Desperate Housewives?

The test consists of 10 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

desperate housewives test

1. Describe your ideal morning:

A) The morning I will spend with my family.
B) The morning spent in the SPA is the best start to the day.
C) The best morning is to be alone at a leisurely pace.
D) I like to start the day by solving work issues – it organizes me.

2. What is your attitude to the “flowers of life” – children?

A) Being a mother is hard work, not always rewarding.
B) Children are happiness, and there is never a lot of happiness.
C) A child should be in every family, there is still no escape from this.
D) I don’t like children and don’t want to be a mother.

3. In which house do you envision yourself as a hostess in five years?

A) Huge apartment in an expensive block.
B) An impressive house with a small front garden.
C) Luxurious studio, in which the main advantage is the view from the panoramic windows.
D) I don’t like pathos, so let it be a small apartment in the very center of the city.

4. The biggest male flaw:

A) Any infidelity.
B) Lack of money.
C) Lack of attention to you.
D) When a man doesn’t appreciate what you do for him.

5. Are you annoyed by those around you?

A) No, I am kind to people.
B) If they don’t bother me, it’s okay.
C) People in large numbers disgust me.
D) I’m indifferent.

6. What genre of literature and cinema do you prefer?

A) Romantic. I like romance novels and melodramas.
B) I am a realist, so I like documentary.
C) Dramatic novel and psychological thrillers.
D) Detectives and plot intricacies are my everything.

7. How would you behave if you accidentally meet your ex-partner on the street?

A) Say hello to him.
B) I will immediately share with my close friends who are aware of my love story.
C) I don’t even remember it.
D) I will ignore it.

8. You and your partner quarreled, you are to blame. Your actions:

A) I’ll send him a message inviting him to dinner at a restaurant, discussing all the problems in a calm atmosphere, and I will look like he will forget about our quarrel.
B) I’ll think it over and if I’m really wrong, then I admit my mistake and sincerely ask for forgiveness.
C) I will pay so that he would be ashamed of having brought me to tears.
D) Pretend nothing happened.

9. Your biggest secret

A) Visits to the beautician.
B) The secrets of my friends are my secrets.
C) The ones that I don’t remember.
D) My past is ideal, there is nothing to complain about and there are no secrets in it.

10. What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in the life of every woman?

A) Love and beauty.
B) Motherhood.
C) Career and self-realization.
D) Become a guru in your field.


More Answers A

Who are you from Desperate Housewives?Gabi Solis

At first glance, you may seem to those around you as an arrogant, arrogant and not burdened with pressing problems woman, which does not touch you at all, because you perfectly understand that this is how human envy and anger is expressed. However, under the guise of a vain egoist, there is a subtle nature, acutely feeling and capable of sincere emotions. Next to a strong partner, you can open up like a delicate flower and ask for all your real and authentic feelings.

More Answers B

Who are you from Desperate Housewives?Lynette Scavo

You are a real example of femininity, for whom family is life, and children are much more important than any career achievements. You are a gentle and loving woman who found herself in motherhood, which has become your calling. Many women want to take an example from you, because you have everything to consider yourself the happiest in the world – the mind, thanks to which you can achieve incredible heights, and the family that will support you in all your endeavors.

More Answers C

Who are you from Desperate Housewives?Go Britt

You are independent from anyone, are strong in spirit and are incredibly popular among men. Women, on the other hand, cannot stand you, because they cannot withstand competition with you, and you, in turn, do not allow other people to approach you, fearing that you may be injured. Behind the mask of a proud, arrogant woman, exciting the minds of hundreds of men, there is a gentle woman who knows how to love and be faithful to one man.

More Answers D

Who are you from Desperate Housewives?Bree Van De Kamp

You are incredibly practical, smart, every step you take is thought out inside and out, as well as its consequences. Perfectionism and the rules of good manners dictate you to be always and in everything perfect, therefore your reputation is known for its purity – you have not tarnished your honest name with a single unpleasant story. It is very difficult to always be the best, sometimes you can give yourself some slack and relax.

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