The shape of the nails – we determine the nature of the carrier

It has long been noted that the natural shape of the nail plate is directly related to some features of the temperament and disposition of girls. But is it really true? Check out our material and answer yourself.

Square nails

Square nails

When making a decision, such women rely more on reason than on emotions. Yes, they tend to rationalize, weigh and structure everything. They have good analytical skills.

Important! It is advisable to determine the nature of the shape of the nails in sexually mature women, whose hands are fully formed.

Girls in this category are very attentive to detail. They are diligent and pedantic. They have a sense of proportion. They love order and regularity.

Girlfriends always listen to them. Girls with square nails are often “smart” in public. They like to make a pleasant impression on others.

From an early age, they strive for independence and self-sufficiency. They never stop developing in the professional field.

“Soft” (rounded) square

Rounded square nails

Women who prefer this kind of manicure are very practical. They never allow themselves to be late for an important meeting or forget to complete an important assignment.

They can be safely called workaholics. We are ready to sacrifice personal time for the sake of work. They are very ambitious and efficient.

The character of a woman who prefers this form of nails is simple and open. She never asserts herself at the expense of other people, communicates with everyone on an equal footing. Good-natured and welcoming. Will not refuse help if they need it. She is very purposeful, will not sit idly by while changes are taking place in her life that require participation and decisions.

Oval nails

Oval nails

Elegant and sensual girls choose rounded nails. They are not indifferent to the opinion of others about their person. That is why, when they go out, they strive to look spectacular.

These women are always careful about the choice of outfit and hairstyle. They love costume jewelry, especially expensive jewelry.

By nature, they are affectionate and loving. Do not hesitate to demonstrate their care and tenderness to others. They have an extremely negative attitude to conflicts, avoid them in every possible way. They prefer to maintain diplomatic relations with people, and if this is impossible, they avoid contact.

Almond shaped nails

Almond shaped nails

Well, such a manicure is usually chosen by a classic business woman.

They are characterized by:

  1. Ambition.
  2. Determination.
  3. Patience.
  4. Compromise.

They have great willpower. They are not afraid to take risks. This is why they often achieve great financial success.

Girls who like almond manicure love change, and in any area: appearance, profession, relationships, etc. They are distinguished by their curiosity and desire to develop. They have many talents – from handicrafts to repairing car engines.

They are characterized by charisma and the ability to make a pleasant impression on others. Such personalities know exactly how to charm the interlocutor and make him think about himself.

They love money and do not hide it. They are not afraid to take risks to get a big jackpot. Often they act thoughtlessly, which is why they subsequently suffer.

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails

Such young ladies are distinguished by their originality, originality and creativity. They are creative in solving any issue. They prefer to rely on intuition and feelings, rather than on reason.

Among the girls who prefer stiletto nails, there are many who can be safely called hyperemotional. They often exaggerate the importance of things, exaggerate.

Such natures approach the solution of everyday issues without much interest. Their “lively” mind “is interested in work, especially one that requires a non-standard approach. Lovers of stilettos are given to her without a trace.

Short rounded nails

Short rounded nails

Women who prefer short and neat nails are very pedantic. They believe that everything in life happens consistently and makes sense.

Diligent and honest. They value interpersonal communication, especially with those who openly sympathize with them. They often achieve success in their careers. They know how to attract attention and achieve their goals.

Before making an important decision, they will consider the possible options several times. They are reasonable and patient. They are too demanding of the people around them. They often show toughness.

Trapezoidal nails

Trapezoidal nails

Girls whose nails grow in the shape of a trapezoid are significantly different from the rest. They are incredibly charming, they know their worth.

It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them. Such personalities are open, tolerant and friendly. They make new acquaintances with pleasure. They are distinguished by their energy and curiosity.

Now you can easily determine the character of a woman by the shape of her nails. What do you think of this information?

Does our description of your character match the shape of your nails? Share your answers in the comments!

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