the way from a photo model to the queen of big cinema

Charlize Theron is a wonderful actress, Oscar winner, style icon and queen of the red carpet. Today her name is on everyone’s lips, and once she was an unknown girl from South Africa with a few dollars in her pocket. She had to go through many difficulties and go through a thorny path to fame before her star shone, and today Charlize can be safely called an example to follow. In honor of the last birthday of the actress, we recall all the stages of her path.

Childhood and early career

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The future star was born on August 7, 1975 in Benoni, South Africa and grew up on a farm owned by her parents. Charlize’s childhood can hardly be called cloudless: her father drank and often raised his hand against the household, until one day a terrible thing happened: the girl’s mother shot her husband in self-defense.

At school, Charlize was not popular with her classmates: she was teased for huge glasses with thick lenses, and until the age of 11 the girl had no teeth due to jaundice.

But by the age of 16, from an ugly duckling, Charlize turned into a charming girl and then, on the advice of her mother, she first tried herself as a model. Luck smiled at her: she won a local competition, and then took first place in the international competition in Positano. After that, Charlize signed her first contract with a Milan modeling agency and went to conquer Europe, and then New York.


Despite her successful modeling career, Charlize herself dreamed of becoming a ballerina, because she studied at a ballet school from the age of 6 and saw herself on the stage of the theater. However, at the age of 19, the girl received a serious knee injury and had to forget about plans related to ballet art.

Acting career and recognition

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In 1994, Charlize flew to Los Angeles to try herself as an actress. The money was sorely lacking, and once she did not even manage to cash the check sent by her mother due to the refusal of the bank teller. Charlize’s tumultuous retaliatory scene caught the attention of nearby Hollywood agent John Crossby. It was he who brought the future star to an acting agency and acting classes, which helped Charlize acquire skills and get rid of the South African accent.

The first role of the actress was a cameo appearance in the film Children of the Corn 3: The City Harvest, and Charlize also starred in the pilot episode of Hollywood Secrets, the films What You Do and Two Days in the Valley. A turning point in her career was her role in the film “Devil’s Advocate”, where she played the protagonist’s girlfriend, who is gradually going crazy. The picture was positively appreciated by critics, had a huge box office and, most importantly, allowed Charlize to fully reveal her talent.

Scene from the movie “Children of the Corn 3: City Harvest”

Over the next few years, Charlize’s piggy bank was replenished with such films as “The Astronaut’s Wife”, “Winemakers’ Rules”, “Sweet November”, “24 Hours”. The main role in the film became a real breakthrough for Charlize. “Monster”, for which she noticeably recovered and completely reincarnated as the cruel maniac Eileen Wuornos. The efforts were not in vain – the role brought Charlize world recognition and the Oscar.

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Shot from the movie “Monster”

Today, Charlize Theron has more than fifty roles, among which there are adventure blockbusters (“Hancock”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”), comedies (“There are a couple more”), and dramas (“North Country “,” In the Valley of El “,” The Burning Plain “).

crazy Max
Shot from the movie “Mad Max”

Charlize’s personal life

Charlize Theron is one of the most inveterate bachelors in Hollywood. The actress has never been married and admits that she does not suffer because of this – because marriage has never been an end in itself for her.

“I never wanted to get married. It has never been something important to me. I swear on the lives of my children, I have never felt lonely. “

theron with children

The actress is raising two adopted children: the boy Jackson, adopted in 2012, and the girl Augusta, who was adopted in 2015.

The evolution of Charlize’s style

Over the years of her acting career, the appearance of Charlize Theron has undergone major changes: from a simple girl, she turned into one of the most stylish stars in Hollywood. At the very beginning of the journey, Charlize preferred deliberately sexual images, and also tried on the trends of the late 90s and early 2000s: mini, low-waisted jeans, shine, fit.


Gradually the images of Charlize became more and more restrained, elegant and feminine… The actress loved to demonstrate her long legs and slender figure, but she did it filigree, so it was impossible to reproach her with bad taste.

Charlize 2

In the 2010s, Charlize turns into real Hollywood diva: Luxurious floor-length dresses and trouser suits are her trademark on the red carpet, and her favorite brand is Dior. Today Charlize Theron is a real style icon who can amazingly present both classics and complex solutions.

Charlize Theron is a real standard of a modern woman: successful, independent, beautiful both externally and internally. The queen of cinema and red carpet continues to win our hearts and delight with her roles.

Charlize 3

On August 7, the actress had her birthday. The editors of our magazine congratulate Charlize, and wish her all the most brilliant, as she herself!

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