40 weeks pregnant: there are prenatal signs, but no childbirth

Pregnancy week 40 - fetal development and woman's sensationsIn anticipation of the onset of labor, some women begin to feel anxious, sleep worse. A somewhat dejected state may occur. Partly the reason for this may be the numerous calls from relatives and friends, who are interested in whether it is time for childbirth to begin. Do not be discouraged about this, stay calm and in a good mood.

What does this term mean?

So, you are already at 40 obstetric week, and this is 38 weeks from conception (the age of the child) and 36 weeks from a delay in menstruation.

The content of the article:

Feelings in the mother

  • The expectant mother was already tired of the belly, but from the fact that it sank – it became easier for her to breathe;
  • Do not rely heavily on the date of birth set by your doctor. Since no one will give the exact date of ovulation and, of course, no one will know what week the baby will decide to be born, so be prepared at any time to become a mother;
  • Possible “complications” of the mental plan: sudden mood swings and bouts of irritability, suspiciousness, increased attention to detail;
  • Your body is actively preparing for childbirth: softening bones, muscles, joints, as well as stretching the pelvic ligaments;
  • Harbingers of childbirth. Now you may be bothered by false contractions, which are accompanied by pulling sensations in the lumbar region, tension in the abdomen, and discomfort. They are irregular and do not affect the fetus in any way;
  • Allocations. In addition to the precursors of childbirth, you may also have an abundant vaginal discharge, white or yellow. It is completely normal if they are not accompanied by itching or discomfort;
  • If you noticed bloody brown mucous membranes discharge – this is the so-called plug – the result of preparing the cervix for disclosure. This definitely means that childbirth will begin very soon!
  • Amniotic fluid can also begin to ooze – many confuse it with urine, because, often, due to the pressure on the bladder of the abdomen, expectant mothers suffer from incontinence. But the difference is easy to determine – if the discharge is transparent and odorless or it is greenish in color, it is water (urgently see a doctor!);
  • Unfortunately, pain is a frequent companion of the fortieth week. The back, neck, abdomen, lower back can hurt. If they begin to be regular, you should know that childbirth is approaching;
  • Nausea, which can be dealt with by eating small meals;
  • Heartburn, if it really bothers you, drugs like “Reni” will help;
  • Constipation, they usually try to avoid it with the help of folk remedies (for example, drink a glass of kefir in the morning, after filling it with bran);
  • The reason for all these “troubles” is one – a significantly enlarged uterus, which presses on the organs (including the intestines and stomach) and interferes with their normal functioning;
  • But diarrhea at the 40th week hardly means that you have eaten something not washed – most likely this is part of the body’s independent preparation for childbirth;
  • Often, at the end of the term, an ultrasound scan is prescribed. The doctor will find out how the fetus lies and its weight, determine the state of the placenta and, as a result, the method of delivery is finally determined.

Reviews from forums about well-being:


All these weeks passed so quickly, but the fortieth, it feels like endless! I no longer know what to do with myself. Everything hurts – I’m afraid to change the position once again! Hurry already giving birth!


Well, I amuse myself with the fact that my son is more comfortable with me, because he is not going anywhere, apparently … Neither you harbingers nor the lower back pulls, and the doctor said something like that the cervix is ​​not prepared yet. They will probably stimulate.


How hard it is to maintain a positive attitude. Mope with or without reason. Yesterday in the store I didn’t have enough money in my wallet for a chocolate bar. I walked a little away from the counter and how we started to cry – some woman bought it and gave it to me. Now it’s a shame to remember.


My lower back felt taut – and a strange feeling seems to have begun !!! Foolishly, she told her husband about it. I myself am sitting calm, and he cuts circles around me, demands an ambulance, he says he will not be lucky. He’s so funny! Though it lifted my spirits. Girls, wish us luck !!!


We have already returned from the hospital, gave birth on time. We have a girl named Vera. And I learned that I was in labor by chance, but a routine examination. The doctor asked me several more times if I felt pain or contractions. And I didn’t feel anything like that! From there immediately to the delivery room.

Fetal development, height and weight

  • Your baby has reached by this time growth about 52 cm and weights about 3.4 kg;
  • He is already tired of sitting in the dark, and he is about to be born;
  • As in the 39th week – due to tightness, he moves very little;
  • Despite the fact that the baby is completely ready to be born, his senses and nervous system are still developing – and now he can respond to the emotions of the mother.

Cases when you need to urgently call a doctor!

  • High blood pressure, which is more common in the 2nd half of pregnancy, may be a sign of preeclampsia. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to life-threatening eclampsia. Therefore, call your doctor immediately if you experience:
  • Blurred vision;
  • Great swelling or sudden swelling of the hands and face;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Sharp weight gain;
  • You suffer from severe recurrent headaches or loss of consciousness;
  • Do not notice fetal movement within 12 hours;
  • You notice bloody discharge from the genital tract or you have lost water;
  • Feel regular contractions;
  • The term of the alleged birth was “passed”.

Listen to your feelings. Be attentive, do not miss the signals that labor has begun!

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

Pregnancy week 40 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of the fetus at the 40th week
Pregnancy week 40 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Ultrasound of a child
Pregnancy week 40 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of mother’s belly

Video: What Happens in Week 40?

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Try to stay calm. Ask your husband to be patient. Soon a long-awaited baby will appear in your family, and all minor grievances will be forgotten;
  • Rest as often as possible;
  • Talk to your husband about your actions at the beginning of labor, for example, his willingness to return home from work when you call;
  • Talk with your doctor about how you should feel when labor begins;
  • Make sure you have everything ready for the crumbs to appear. You can also prepare the nursery and baby’s things;
  • Collect a bag with the things that you will take to the hospital, or prepare the necessary things for childbirth at home;
  • Find a pediatrician. It is better if, upon arriving home, you will already know the name and phone number of the doctor, who will regularly observe the baby;
  • Prepare the older child for your absence. To make it easier for him to accept the appearance of the newborn, again, a few days before the expected date of birth, explain to him the reason for your early departure. Your absence will be less sad if someone close to you, such as a grandmother, is with the child. It is better if the older child stays at home. Otherwise, the baby may be perceived by him as an invader: as soon as he left, another immediately took his place. If having a new baby is exciting for you, it may not be so for your baby. Therefore, prepare a gift for the child, as if from a newborn, this will provide him with a good attitude from his older brother or sister;
  • Help your husband to do all the necessary things during your absence. Paste cheat sheets with reminders everywhere: water the flowers, take out the mail from the mailbox, freeze champagne for your arrival, etc.
  • Don’t worry if 40 weeks have passed and labor has not yet begun. Everything has its time. Plus 2 weeks from the specified period – within the normal range.

Helpful tips for a dad-to-be

While the young mother is in the hospital, you need to prepare all the essentials in the house by the time she returns with the baby.

  • Clean up your house. Of course, it would be nice to do a general cleaning of the whole apartment or house. If this is difficult, then at least in the room where the baby will live, in the parent’s bedroom, hallway, kitchen and bathroom. You need to wipe off dust from all surfaces, vacuum carpets, upholstered furniture, wash the floor;
  • Prepare a sleeping place for your baby. First, the crib needs to be assembled. After that, all washable parts should be washed with soapy water. It is prepared as follows: pour warm water (35–40 ° C) into a 2-3-liter container, wash the baby soap in water for 2-3 minutes;
  • After that, wipe it down again with clean water. Removable crib parts made of material, as well as baby bedding, must be washed in the washing machine or by hand with baby detergent. The laundry must be rinsed well;
  • When washing with a machine, select the mode with the maximum number of rinses, and when washing by hand, change the water at least 3 times. After washing and drying, the laundry must be ironed;
  • It is better to use soapy water to handle the crib, and not dilute children’s washing powder, since the soap solution is much easier to wash off;
  • Change the linen in the matrimonial bed. This is important because you may be taking your baby to bed with you.
  • Prepare food. If you are planning a festive feast, you will have to organize it. Keep in mind that not all foods are allowed for a breastfeeding mom. For her, for example, boiled veal with buckwheat, first courses, dairy products are suitable.
  • Organize your ceremonial discharge. You have to invite guests, agree on video and photography, purchase a festive bouquet, set a festive table, take care of safe transport with a child car seat.

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