These stars are tired of make-up and are photographed without makeup.

In 2020, makeup faded into the background as people wore masks and tried their best to cope with stress during the pandemic. And celebrities are no exception. Since the beginning of the year, many stars have shared their photos and videos without makeup as they stayed at home and wanted to give their skin a break. How do they look in real life?

Rita Wilson kicks off 2020 with no makeup selfie

Rita Wilson

The actress took this photo and shared it on Instagram a few hours before the Golden Globe Awards on January 5th. According to Wilson, her hairdresser and makeup artist were an hour and a half late, although she made an appointment back in September.

The next day, Rihanna appeared on the network with a “naked” face


First Selfie of the Year – she wrote in her post on Instagram on January 6.

Vanessa Hudgens in a huge coat and a ponytail

Vanessa Hudgens

On January 18, she shared a selfie with the caption: “No make up. I’m just happy in the snow. “

One of the most natural Lady Gaga looks 2020

Lady Gaga

On February 13, the singer showed off her bleached eyebrows, pink hair, and no makeup skin on Instagram. According to her, she ate sushi then.

Demi Lovato returns hashtag #NoMakeupMonday (no makeup monday)

Demi Lovato

This is the first no makeup selfie Demi Lovato has shared in years. “I gave up #NoMakeupMonday, but now I decided that after a lot of glamorous photos with tons of makeup and hairstyles, you need to show your real yourself under all this, – she wrote on February 24. – 85-90% I look like this. I am proud of my freckles and my chin and accept myself as I am. “

Hilary Duff Showcases Mom’s Makeup For Vogue

Hilary Duff

According to Hilary, she does “mom’s makeup” when she spends the day with the kids and also goes to meetings. She starts with a base of many moisturizers and then applies a lot of bronzers and products for a radiant complexion. For comparison, the actress also attached a photo without makeup.

Dakota Fanning did not wear makeup and took her temperature to encourage people to stay at home

Dakota Fanning

On March 16, the actress filmed a video with a “naked face” and wrote: “Stay HOME (if possible) and be HEALTHY.”

Zoe Kravitz chose to give up makeup during social distancing

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe for natural beauty. She made a post on Instagram on March 17, captioning it “In Quarantine.” The actress also encouraged fans to stay home and mind their own business.

Vanessa Williams celebrates her 57th birthday with natural selfies

Vanessa Williams

The singer and actress looks equally amazing with or without makeup. “Good morning 57! – she signed her photo on March 18th. – Another year on this wonderful planet that constantly surprises and motivates me. “

Selfie of Katy Perry during the spring quarantine

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was not afraid to show off her growing dark roots and how radically her style has changed in just a few weeks.

Helen Mirren took a selfie at home – and this picture helped raise money for a good cause

Helen Mirren

The actress posted a selfie immediately after waking up. “In return for this photo, please make a donation to the intensive care unit. Many thanks”, – she wrote on March 31st.

Salma Hayek posed without makeup while swimming in the pool

Salma Hayek

The actress, it seems, does not need makeup at all – she looks so beautiful without it. She posted this photo on May 14.

In the summer, Lady Gaga gave up makeup again

Lady Gaga

She pulled her blonde hair into a bun and took a selfie. “Thinking about our world and sending love to everyone”, – this is how she signed this photo on June 17.

Jennifer Lopez woke up, put on a bathrobe, and then took a morning photo

These stars were tired of makeup and began to take pictures in their natural form.  Feel the difference!

Jennifer Lopez skipped makeup for this spontaneous selfie. Wishing everyone a good morning on August 1st, JLo described her look as #MorningFace. “

Kylie Jenner shares a before and after selfie while doing makeup

Kylie Jenner

On August 16, Kylie posted herself without makeup, although she used a blur filter. Then Jenner showed the result “after”: it was already makeup, which included bronze eyeshadow, eyelid arrows, nude lipstick and pink blush.

Selena Gomez showed off her natural skin at the start of her Vogue makeup tutorial

Selena Gomez

In September, Selena stated in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series that makeup and mental health are linked. She added that beauty – “It is an art that can bring people together.”

Jessica Biel published a home photo without makeup

Jessica Biel

On September 22, on Instagram, she posted a selfie with her hair down and no makeup. The actress posed in a gray hoodie with a hood over her head.

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