who of the stars prefers Furla accessories and bags

Italian fashion bag brand Furla produces stylish accessories for every day. The products are distinguished by flowing lines and luxurious decor. The dressing from different types of leather makes the models bright, emphasizing the status of their owner. In addition to classic colors, the company’s designers offer many trendy shades. The bags are distinguished by their unique functionality. However, the opinion of the stars about this brand is rather contradictory.

Furla fans

Russian celebrities – Furla fans

The democratic brand with an Italian accent fell in love with the stars of Russian cinema. At the presentation of the film “Kinotavra” Ekaterina Vilkova appeared in a romantic look with a lemon-colored Furla handbag. The accessory has become a great accent in a pale pink bow. The actress considers the crossbody bag the best companion for the red carpet. However, in everyday life, she prefers to wear less pretentious products.

Ekaterina Vilkova

Loves Furla bags and Julia Kovalchuk. The singer is always a welcome guest at the presentations of the Italian brand in Moscow.

Ekaterina Vilkova2

She loves the original designs of the luxurious models:

  • form;
  • golden clasps;
  • long chain straps;
  • bright colors.

Julia is so in love with these accessories that at such events she always looks out for chic gifts for her friends. As it turned out, such prizewinners were the best surprise in the world for them.

Important! Lyubov Tolkalina chooses Furla’s roomy bags, inside which you can place your whole life. For her new outfit in a shade of sea-green, the actress bought a lavender bag that imitates the texture of a python.

Ekaterina Klimova

In the collection of Ekaterina Klimova there are also Furla bags. Still, she does not like the oversized dimensions of the products. She prefers stylish miniature clutches. Especially chic, according to the actress, looks like a gold clasp on cross-body models. The laconic handle allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder, which Katya really likes.

Important! Daria Poverennova, Irina Lachina, Aglaya Tarasova and Sasha Florova became other fans of the Italian company. They are attracted by good quality stylish and discreet accessories.

Furla bags

Foreign celebrities and the Furla brand

Perhaps, among foreign celebrities, only Jessica Alba liked such a budget version of the bag. For her nude coat, the actress picked up an elegant handbag in white. Other celebrities have decided to opt for more famous brands. Stars sign contracts with many firms to advertise their products. Furl’s bags, in their opinion, are not worthy of their attention.

Jessica Alba

It’s a shame, but the stars rarely talk about the quality of the bags they bought. They change these accessories every season, if not more often. Therefore, you should not judge the brand from their words. Only avid women of fashion or experts will be the best advisers in this matter.

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