Thick skinny fat women – reasons, features of the skinny fat figure and its correction

Skinny fat figure - what is she like?The term “skinny fat” is usually called a physique characterized by normal body weight (or even thinness) in the presence of solid folds of subcutaneous fat and sagging skin. “Skinny fat”, competently covered with modern clothes – almost an ideal figure,skinny fat “on the beach is a body that requires intense training.

How to correct your figure flaws, and how to train fat skinny women?

The content of the article:

  1. Are you fat skinny too?
  2. The best workouts for skinny fat
  3. The benefits and harms of cardio workouts for skinny fat
  4. Skinny fat nutrition and drinking regimen

Reasons for a skinny fat figure – are you also a fat skinny one?

The weight of a person with a “skinny fat” physique is usually kept within the normal range or even below it.

Clothing designed to hide all flaws perfectly hides saggy skin, flabby gluteal muscles and folds at the waist.

However, the waist may remain an aspen, and the tummy, on the contrary, may not be appetizing at all, and even with folds on the sides and “ears” on the cellulite bottom.

“I can eat everything and not get fat,” the owners of the “skinny fat” figure proudly declare.

Yes, the metabolism of such people is excellent, and being overweight is not a problem for them. But unfortunately, the food consumed is not good for the muscles either – no muscle mass growth is observed. On the contrary, the second chin grows, the buttocks lose their shape, the stomach and arms become flabby.

Skinny fat reasons

What is the reason?

  • Excessive obsession with low-calorie diets. Such self-torture always leads to loss of muscle mass, moreover, even in the case of active strength training. Muscle mass is lost if a woman begins to lose weight faster than ½% of her body weight in 7 days.
  • Boomerang effect. Everything good and bad, as we know, tends to return. So it is with subcutaneous fat: the harder and faster you try to lose weight, the more actively the body will restore its fat stores.
  • Lack of strength training. As a rule, girls’ low-calorie diets are “diluted” with walking on a treadmill and light fitness. Because you want to eat all the time, and there is simply no strength for more. You need to understand that the treadmill, although it promotes the expenditure of calories, does not in any way affect the preservation (and even more so the growth) of muscle mass. But it is precisely her absence that is the problem for the “skinny fat” figure.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. With a long lack of physical activity and irrepressible consumption of food, it is impossible to save a figure from the above-described disadvantages.

Best workouts for slimming skinny fat

Let’s outline the key problems of skinny fatties. First of all, this is flabbiness of the skin and muscle weakness, the effect of “breeches” on thin legs, reduced endurance and a tummy, which, even after a modest dinner, tends to protrude.

What’s the bottom line?

And as a result, every summer – in a spacious shirt, on the beach – in a pareo, in bed with a loved one – in a sheet up to the chin.

Because it’s a shame.

In order not to bring yourself to a state where you are ashamed to walk to the sea in a swimsuit, start exercising today – and never quit

The only salvation for the “skinny fat” figure is workout… Therefore, we mark the main problem areas, draw up a plan of work on ourselves and immediately (and not tomorrow or in a month) proceed to its precise implementation.

The “treatment” plan is roughly the following:

  1. We increase the percentage of muscle mass.
  2. We promote metabolism. Your metabolic rate is directly related to the percentage of your muscle tissue and the time spent exercising.
  3. We reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat. The diet should be such that there is no feeling of hunger, and the body does not want to replenish the reserves of subcutaneous fat.

remember, that you don’t need to lose weight! You are ALREADY thin. But you just need muscle mass, as the frame of your beautiful body.

And do not try to solve the “skinny fat” problem in a month or two. If you have reached the state of “ashamed to undress on the beach,” then work on yourself will be long and hard. At least a year of work!

How to train if you are fat and skinny?

Key recommendations:

  • More strength training, less cardio (2-3 sessions per week is enough).
  • Regularity of training: at least 3-4 times / week according to the “constantly” scheme. Intensity: 3-4 sets and 10-15 reps.
  • We choose the main part of the exercises among multi-joint and strength exercises.
  • All muscle groups should be worked out in 1 workout.
  • Exercises that result in lower back discomfort should be avoided (for example, deadlifts or hyperextension with weights).
  • Stretching for targeted muscle groups is recommended between sets and at the very beginning of each workout.

What to focus on – recommended exercises for the “skinny fat” figure

  1. Aerobics and dumbbells.
  2. Barbell.
  3. Exercise bikes.
  4. Weight exercises.
  5. Leg swings and squats.
  6. Lunges and push-ups.
  7. Row on straight legs.
  8. Classic plank and side plank with an emphasis on 1 forearm.

On a note:

If sports have not been in your life for a long time, give your muscles time to prepare for active training.

For example, go swimming, dancing, or even yoga.

Workouts for a skinny fat figure

Training program number 1 for the figure “skinny fat”

Classes – three times a week, the net time of each workout is at least 40 minutes, for each exercise – 3 sets.

  1. Warm-up is mandatory (20 minutes for spinning the hoop).
  2. Next – running on a track with an incline.
  3. Then a row of dumbbells with their rise above your head.
  4. Squat with dumbbells and press up.
  5. We perform walking with lunges.
  6. We raise the dumbbells with a grip in front of us.
  7. Do lunges in place, unbending triceps with hammer dumbbells behind the head.
  8. And, of course, the push-up bar.

Training program number 2 for the figure “skinny fat”

We do 2-3 times / week for 60 minutes + 20 minutes for a joint warm-up.

The main emphasis is on exercises with heavy weights.

  1. 10 minutes warm-up.
  2. Then we pull ourselves up on the “gravitron” simulator.
  3. After – the pull of the lower block to the belt.
  4. We press the dumbbells while lying on the bench up and at an angle.
  5. Next, a pullover with dumbbells across the bench.
  6. Extend your arms with a dumbbell behind your head from a sitting position.
  7. After – press the dumbbells up in the same position.
  8. We squat deep against the wall.
  9. We do glute lifts from fitball
  10. And finally, a twist bar.

Also, experts recommend:

  • Work more often with your own weight and with weights.
  • Walking up the stairs and using the stairs instead of the elevator, and substituting walking for the bus ride to work.
  • Load the buttocks – swinging and abducting the legs, pulling dumbbells on straight legs.
  • Work with the press using planks and twists.
  • Constantly watch your back – it should be straight!

How to train skinny fat correctly?

The benefits and harms of cardio loads in skinny fat correction

Do you need cardio for a skinny fat figure? Most of the sites for body correction are replete with advice – “yes, definitely, and more!”. The logic is simple: aerobic exercise is required to burn excess fat.

In fact, this is not the case… After all, the problem of the “skinny fat” figure is hidden not by excess fat, but, mainly, in a deficit of muscle mass. Therefore, the temptation to increase cardio in training should be resisted, and emphasis on strength exercises

It is important to understand that aerobic exercise severely inhibits the stimulus for the required muscle growth. It seems to you that running on the treadmill contributes to the expenditure of calories – but in fact, the body is simply consuming substances that could go to muscle growth. That is, the more actively you run, the thinner you will be, but with the same unappetizing figure and the same problem areas of the body.

Roughly speaking, with cardio exercises you steal from yourself the energy that is needed for muscle growth.

Therefore, your task is:

  1. Power training – 3-4 times a week.
  2. And cardio as a warm-up for 10 minutes – either before or after classes (maximum!).

You can do cardio (if you really can’t live without them) when you achieve the desired result.

How not to pump muscles during training – and what to do if you have pumped it?

Nutrition for body shaping skinny fat

Nutrition and drinking regime in the skinny fat body shaping program – what is important?

Of course, without proper nutrition, success in body shaping cannot be achieved. Even if everything that you eat “goes somewhere by itself.”

Important food rules for “skinny fat” girls:

  • No fast food. Just forget about it altogether, go around the McDonald’s buildings and others a kilometer away. Change the route if your way from work goes through similar catering establishments.
  • It is also better to refuse sweets and smoked meats, marinades and spicy dishes. Well, or at least limit them.
  • The emphasis is on foods that are rich in protein, as well as cereals and fruits with vegetables. Your tummy should not grow – your muscles should grow!
  • We do not overeat! You need to eat in such a way as to drown out hunger, and not crawl to the couch with a full belly. The scheme “in the morning – tea with lemon, and in the evening – a salad of dumplings, meat in batter, cheese, chicken, cake and ice cream” is wrong.
  • Track your daily protein intake. Note: 2 g of protein / day – per 1 kg of your weight.
  • A calorie deficit with a “skinny fat” figure is harmful. Therefore, strict diets – “in the firebox.”
  • The main thing in your diet is building up lean meat in your diet. In order to subsequently switch from a flat figure to an appetizingly rounded one. We look for proteins in eggs and beef, chum steaks, in chicken or turkey fillets, in pollock and tilapia fillets, as well as in low-fat cottage cheese.
  • We take exclusively long-lasting carbohydrates: buckwheat with oatmeal, chopped and millet, barley and brown rice, as well as gainers based on complex carbohydrates.
  • Be sure to pack every meal with vegetables. – asparagus and broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and green beans.
  • The approximate calorie content of the diet is 350-500 kcal, of which 35% are proteins, 50% are carbohydrates, and 15% are fats.

Approximate diet for a day:

  1. 1st breakfast: 100 g curd (approx. – skim) + a couple of whole grain toast + 8-10 almond nuts + half a glass of milk.
  2. 2nd breakfast: 3 oat cookies + gainer.
  3. Dinner: boiled chicken (100 g) + black bread + green salad + green tea.
  4. 2nd lunch: 80-100 g beef steak + broccoli + 100 g brown rice.
  5. Dinner: white fish (80 g) + 100 g of asparagus + 80 g of buckwheat.
  6. Before bedtime: 1 glass of kefir or varenets.

Do not indulge yourself with illusionsthat you can eat “as much as you want” – it is not! Your problem will get worse over time, and as a result, it will be much more difficult to restore your figure.

So stick to a healthy diet, do strength training and wake up from hibernation – you need activity like air!

And take your time. It is pointless to wait for the effect after 2 months of training, you will see your ideal figure in 1-2 years… But she will be amazing! website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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