unexpectedly modest photoshoot of Kim Kardashian and provocative photos of Kylie Jenner

Well, someone who, and Kim Kardashian knows how to surprise and shock the audience! However, her new photo shoot had a very unexpected effect, being unusually modest for Miss Kardashian West. The businesswoman and reality TV star starred for AnOther, appearing in the pictures in a nude bodysuit and large jewelry. The photos were devoid of Kim’s glamor and were not retouched.

Kim 2

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From selfie queen to businesswoman

Kim Kardashian, who became famous for her family reality show, was once associated with the majority exclusively with the Instagram world and social events. The ex-girlfriend of Paris Hilton and the daughter of a famous lawyer, tried to break into the world of show business by any means and, it seems, she succeeded!

A scandalous video, candid photo shoots, a controversial but incredibly popular TV show – Kim stubbornly walked towards her goal and at the end of the 2000s everyone already knew about her. Kim was one of the first to promote her name through social media, regularly posting event reports and candid selfies. Outstanding rounded hips, which the star emphasized even more with outfits, became her hallmark.

It is believed that it was Kim Kardashian who contributed to the emergence of the fashion for curvaceous forms: a huge number of girls dreamed of such curves, like Kim and made every imaginable and unthinkable effort to achieve a similar figure.

Photo @kimkardashian

Without any talent, Kim Kardashian was able to turn her name into a brand and make millions of dollars from it. Today she is no longer just a star of parties and selfies, but a successful business woman who owns a line of underwear, cosmetics and produces her own perfume.

kimkardashian 2
Photo @kimkardashian

Kylie Jenner: relay accepted

While mother of many children and business woman Kim Kardashian is engaged in family problems, promoting her own line of underwear and demonstrating more and more restrained images, her younger sister Kylie shocks the audience with bold photographs of her outstanding forms.

Kylie Jenner
Photo @kyliejenner

Just a few years ago, Kylie was a completely different person: a modest thin teenager with thin lips and a completely ordinary appearance. However, as soon as the girl was 16 years old, she undertook to refine and improve her appearance. For six years, there was practically nothing left on Kylie’s body that the hand of a surgeon or beautician did not touch: eyebrows, cheekbones, lips, breasts, buttocks. However, while some criticize the girl for her too artificial and adult appearance, others consider her an icon of beauty and look up to the young beauty star.

Kylie jenner 2
Photo @kyliejenner

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