Visual Psychological Test: What did you see first?

The human subconscious is an amazing thing. Psychoanalysts are sure that it is it that keeps the secret of a person’s personality. Do you want to know your individual secret? Then hurry up to take our new visual test from a psychologist.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the picture and remember the FIRST thing you see on it.

Visual psychological test
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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Visual Psychological Test: What did you see first?  Uncover the secret of your subconscious

# 1 – Black piece

If you did not see anything concrete in the picture, then at this moment in life you are in dire need of rest. Your psycho-emotional state is unsatisfactory. You are not going through the best of times. Stress, depression and neurosis have become your constant companions.

In any case, now you must rest, switch your psyche to something pleasant, relaxing. If you continue to live like this, you risk getting sick and burned out emotionally.

# 2 – Eye

The eye in this picture will be seen by observant and purposeful people. You can see important little things, you are very diligent. You have excellent performance. Your colleagues respect and appreciate you. You have a good imagination. Have multiple hobbies, which automatically makes you an interesting person.

You are an empath and have a good understanding of other people’s feelings. Not surprisingly, they often turn to you for help or advice.

No. 3 – Whale

If you saw a whale in the picture, then you are a freedom-loving person by nature. You will never fall away from your principles. If someone puts psychological pressure on you, that is, manipulates you, you get angry and move away from him. Don’t let anyone use you.

Do not be afraid of difficulties. You think that any problem can be solved. Trouble and trouble builds your character. Some people around you may describe you as without an emotional person.

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