What a joint future awaits singer Aziza and Alessandro

Singer Aziza finally waited for her happiness and for the first time officially got married.

Small digression

The acquaintance happened during the studies of Alessandro. Aziza opened a vocal school, and he became her student. However, events developed so rapidly that from a student Alessandro turned into a lover, and now a legitimate husband.

Photo @aziza_info

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The alignment of the relationship between Aziza and Alessandro

I take out the first card that will tell what is happening in the relationship now – card 4 “Wands”.


This is a map of Venus in Aries. And as you know, Venus protects all lovers.

What is happening to them now:

  • finally came stability in relations, and they legalized them in the union;
  • an important event happened – a wedding;
  • a joint future awaits them, full of new impressions and bright events;
  • in the future there will be a very good family;
  • now both of them have fun, buzz, because their wish came true.

Let’s see what happens to Aziza:

  • What’s in her mind, in her head. 2 “Wands” – new horizons open up, a family, there are now two of them and a man who loves her next to it. They are planning to go on a honeymoon trip and are ready to travel at least the whole world.
  • What’s in her heart. Card 6 “Lovers” – just super. What could be better in this situation? She is happy and her heart is overflowing with love and joy. The choice is made and she is married. Her chosen one cannot stop looking at her and be nourished with love.
  • How she manifests herself at the moment. Card 19 “Sun”. How it is in tune with the wedding day itself on the 19th. What could be better than this date for a wedding? Aziza is very happy, joy overwhelms her. She now has her own prince on a white horse, and she boldly looks to the future. She even plans children (however, this is already a question for a different scenario). Aziza is immensely happy. Everything is just super!
Singer Aziza and her husband Alessandro: what kind of joint future awaits this couple - forecasts of a numerologist
Photo @aziza_info


  • What’s in his head, his thoughts. “King of Wands”. He feels like a winner in this situation. He won his queen with brightness, sexuality, passion. Now he will protect her, give her attention, tenderness, warmth, passion and give gifts.
  • What’s in his heart. “Ace of Cups”. Feelings and emotions overwhelm his heart. Everything is over the edge. At the heart of the holiday. Aziza is a gift from heaven for him. He has very high hopes and plans for this union. He is overwhelmed with love and passion.
  • How he manifests himself. Card 7 “Chariot”. He rules in these relationships like a real man. And he is ready to give his beloved the whole world. They now have a family and together they can overcome any difficulties in fate. There is also the prospect of making a family business. Alessandro writes poetry and music. And who knows what other hits might get out of his hands?

When you love, you can perform any miracle, especially since the chariot is always there and can take you up and make you a winner.

The layout turned out to be so positive that I just get high.

Let this couple have what the tarot cards told us!

A few important points about Aziza’s date of birth

How superficially we sometimes interpret the meaning of this or that card. This is what happened with Aziza.

Her Birth Code is 10 “Wheel of Fortune”. Just want to exclaim: “lucky”, lucky!

Yes, it was that way at first.

Having entered the vocal ensemble at school age, Aziza successfully began her career:

  • 1981 – first place in the competition of the Second All-Union Competition of Performers of the Commonwealth Countries. This victory opened the doors for her to all the sites of the USSR and foreign countries.
  • 1988 – Jurmala, Audience Choice Award.
  • 1989 – the song “Your Smile” brought all-Union glory. It sounded from all over the USSR and received an award at the Song of the Year competition.
Singer Aziza and her husband Alessandro: what kind of joint future awaits this couple - forecasts of a numerologist
Photo @ aziza_info

She even got out of the water from very serious situations. On a tour in Afghanistan, she came under fire with her team and remained alive and unharmed.

This did not always go on.

Her first period of life was coming to an end and a new, second, with the karmic Code 10 “Wheel of Fortune” began.

This was reflected in the events of October 6, 1991, when Igor Talkov was killed during a concert and Aziza, by the will of fate, fell into the center of this scandal and tragedy.

So the wheel with its turn knocked her down and they fell under him. For many years of oblivion and rejection by people. Overnight, the rising pop star became persona non grata. She was no longer invited to television, she disappeared from the musical Olympus for a long time.

The singer herself described this event: “An absurd tragedy divided my life into before and after”

In the mid-90s, she tried to regain its former popularity, but failed.

However, Aziza did not give up. At this time, she recorded albums, released records, participated in various television projects: “You are a superstar”, “Exactly.”

All this finally yielded results, the public again began to show interest in her.

What does 2021 give Aziza?

Her personal Codes are 10 “Wheel of Fortune” and 19 “Sun”. The year is bright, full of creative ideas, beginnings (including a wedding, it was chosen on the 19th).

She is young at heart again. And this is the main thing.

A new milestone in her destiny begins and the “Wheel of Fortune” again brought her up to the very rim. She is married and there is no limit to her happiness.

Let card 19 “Sun” illuminate her path, give her strength, creative success, love, prosperity and always be on horseback!

Singer Aziza and her husband Alessandro: what kind of joint future awaits this couple - forecasts of a numerologist
Photo @aziza_info

Be happy, Aziza!


This article is based on studies of the date of birth and Fate of a person according to the Tarot Numerology system and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and accessible sources on the Internet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis, as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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