What clothes for newborns do you need in winter, spring, summer and autumn

Clothing sets for newborns in winter, spring, summer and autumnNewborn babies grow very quickly, and therefore the wardrobe of the baby, who was born, must correspond to the time of the year when this significant event took place. Today, our tips will help young parents choose the right wardrobe for their long-awaited child for the season.

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What you need to buy a newborn baby for the summer

Clothing sets for newborns in winter, spring, summer and autumnA baby who is born in the summer does not need fur envelopes and down overalls in the first months of his life. It’s hot in summer, and he needs very lightweight, breathable clothing… The main criterion for a baby’s clothes in summer is not even beauty, but convenience. All sets must be made of cotton or jersey, a mixed fabric of natural silk and wool is allowed. Synthetics in newborn baby’s clothes should be avoided. A child’s things should not have a large amount of synthetic lace, huge appliqués with a rough backing, pockets, an abundance of ruffles – all this creates additional layers in the clothes, and the baby will simply be hot in it.
So, what needs to be purchased for a child born in the summer months:

  • Summer envelope or a set of festive clothes for discharge (do not forget that these things must also be made from natural fabrics).
  • From 10 lightweight cotton or thin knitted undershirts (if parents will not use disposable diapers), and 4-5 thin shirts if the baby is in diapers.
  • 4-5 pajamas, of which a pair – with long legs and sleeves, the rest – with short pants and sleeves. Pajamas should be made from lightweight cotton jersey.
  • Two flannel or velor blouses with long sleeves for cool days.
  • Two cotton overalls on the buttons (slips).
  • Three to four pairs of thin socks
  • Pair of booties
  • Two or three light caps.
  • Two pairs of “scratches”.
  • Two or three bibs.
  • 2-3 body with long sleeves, 4-5 bodysuits with short sleeves.
  • 3-5 sliders from thin jersey, 2-3 velor sliders for cool days.
  • Overalls from fleece or corduroy.
  • 10-15 lungs diaper and 5-8 flannel – if the baby will be swaddled. If the newborn baby is in rompers and diapers, the number of diapers should be less: 4-5 light and 2-3 flannel.

Clothes for newborns for autumn – what to buy?

What clothes to buy for a newborn in autumnIf a baby is born in the fall, then parents should think about it. cold snap wardrobe… Accordingly, this baby should have more warm things, and much less thin, light ones. It should be noted that in the fall, with a cold snap, it can be quite cool in the apartments, and the heating is turned on only closer to the middle of autumn. Parents have a problem of how to dress the baby so that he does not get cold, and how many things to buy so that they have time to dry after washing in a cool autumn. It must be remembered that an “autumn” child can buy overalls and other outerwear with 62 sizes (better than 68 at once, so that it lasts until the end of the cold period), and ordinary blouses and sliders – the minimum size, up to 56th
So what to buy for a newborn baby who is born in the fall?

  • Insulated envelope for statement in autumn, or a warm overalls (with holofiber, woolen lining).
  • 10-15 pieces of flannel nappies, 8-10 pieces of fine calico nappies.
  • Flannel caps – 2 pieces.
  • Bike undershirts or knitted shirts with long sleeves (or “scratches”) – 5 pieces.
  • 10 pieces of sweatshirt or jersey tight sliders, of which 5 are one size larger.
  • 10 pieces knitted thin sliders, 5 of them are one size larger. These sliders are used when there is heating in the apartment.
  • 5-10 T-shirts with buttons on the shoulder (4 of them – with long sleeves).
  • Warm socks – 4-7 pairs, 1 pair of knitted woolen socks.
  • Warm jumpsuit – 1 PC. (or an envelope for walking).
  • Knitted hat for walking.
  • Children’s plaid.

Clothes for children born in winter

Clothes for a newborn in winterIn the coldest weather, the baby will need and a set of very warm clothesto walk in the street, and a set of light clothesto stay and feel comfortable in a warm apartment. Parents should buy quite a lot of clothes for a “winter” newborn, compared to a “summer” one, because it is necessary to remember about daily washing and the difficulties of drying the washed laundry.
So what should you buy for a baby who is born in winter?

  • Warm fur (sheepskin) or down envelope for statement (or jumpsuit-transformer).
  • Warm fur or down hat
  • Blanket-transformer camel or downy for walking.
  • Knitted hat with cotton lining.
  • 2-3 fleece or knitted overalls or an envelope.
  • 5 slip-on overalls on the buttons.
  • 3 bodysuit for a hot room.
  • 2 pairs of woolen warm socks
  • 4-5 pairs thin cotton socks
  • 2-3 cap from thin jersey.
  • Two fleece or bike blouses
  • Panties for walking or jumpsuit made of fleece, woolen knitwear – 1 pc.
  • 10 bike diaper, 5-6 thin diapers.
  • 7-10 thin vest
  • 7-10 sliders made of dense jersey.
  • 5-6 shirts (or flannel vests).

Children born in spring – clothes, what to buy?

Clothes for a newborn in springIn the spring, parents do not need to stock up on an excessive amount of warm clothes for the baby – until autumn they will be already small, and in these months, a few sets will be enough. The wardrobe of a newborn baby who is born in the spring must be shaped taking into account the imminent onset of summer and warm days… But it is also necessary to consider: if a baby is born at the very beginning of spring, he will need warm clothes for walking, as well as warm clothes for the house, because when the heating is turned off, it can be pretty cool in the room.
What should you buy for a baby who is born in the spring?

  • Envelope for statement or jumpsuit. At the beginning of spring, you can buy a synthetic winterizer or down, at the end of spring you can use a knitted overalls, a suit, a fleece envelope. In the spring, you should not buy an envelope for a baby with a sheepskin. If the baby will ride with his parents in a car seat, instead of an envelope, it is better to buy a jumpsuit – it is problematic to fasten the child correctly in the envelope.
  • Warm hat for discharge and walks.
  • 8-10 pieces flannel diapers
  • Calico diaper 5-6 pieces.
  • Terry or fleece overalls with a hood – at the end of spring. You need to buy size 62-68 so that the child will have enough of it until autumn.
  • 3-4 pieces bodysuit with long sleeves.
  • 5-6 warm sliders, 5-6 thin sliders.
  • 2 warm overalls – slip for sleeping and walking.
  • 3-4 thin blouses (undershirts)
  • 3-4 warm flannel or knitted blouses (undershirts).
  • 2-3 thin cap
  • 2-3 T-shirtshaving fasteners on the shoulders.
  • Two pairs mittens “scratches”
  • 4 pairs thin socks
  • 2-3 pairs warm socks

Clothes for newborns for discharge, depending on the season

Newborn Discharge KitsSummer:
Bodysuit made of thin cotton jersey, cotton jumpsuit or slip (as an option – romper and blouse), cap made of thin jersey, thin socks, diaper, summer envelope.
Spring and Autumn:
Pampers, bodysuit with long sleeves, romper suit, jumpsuit made of cotton jersey or slip with socks, cap, envelope on padding polyester or woolen (you can use warm overalls on padding polyester or with woolen lining), knitted hat.
Pampers, long-sleeved bodysuit, cotton jumpsuit or slip-on with socks, thin cap, hat with fur or padding polyester with cotton lining, warm socks, fleece jumpsuit, envelope with sheepskin lining or a transforming blanket with a zipper ). In any case, parents need to take a thin and warm seat for newborn
Important! Parents should also remember that upon discharge from the maternity hospital, the baby will be taken in the car, which means that the purchase car seat for the safety of the child during transport is also mandatory.

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