What do men think of wumbilding?

Wumbling has become a panacea for modern sex life. They write about him, talk about him on TV, teach in special schools, there are even video courses. It seems, take and improve your body, but the question arises – for whom is all this being done? Your attitude and your partner’s attitude towards intimate muscle training largely depends on the answer to this question.

Is there a difference between imbuilding and wumbling?

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There are different opinions on this, some believe that the differences in names are caused by differences in the technique of muscle development.

Let’s try to understand these two terms:

  • Wumbilding (Vaginal Guided Muscles) Development of the vaginal annulus muscles.
  • Imbuilding (Intimate Muscles) development of muscles involved in contracting the vagina (pelvic floor muscles, lower abdomen and diaphragm).

Are there any differences in these concepts? Obviously there is. However, you should not immediately conclude that these are 2 different concepts. The founder of these terms is one person – Professor Muravinsky. Actually, these concepts are interconnected and cannot exist separately, some muscles support others. We can even say that wumbling is the development of intimate muscles at the mental (spiritual) level, and imbuilding is the development of muscles at the physical level. But you must admit that one can exist without the other, but in combination, these concepts accomplish the impossible and make it possible to get the best results.

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Male imbuilding

Now it should be clear to you why the term “imbuilding” is used. Wumbling is a very popular technique for women, but this does not mean at all that men are not interested in the development of their intimate muscles. A similar technique was developed especially for men.

The benefits of imbuilding for men:

  • increased erection, increased potency;
  • prevention of congestion in the small pelvis;
  • prevention of hemorrhoids;
  • increased control over erection and ejaculation;
  • prostate massage;
  • improving the health of the genitourinary system;
  • improving the quality of intercourse.

So what does imbuilding exercise look like for men? It should be noted right away that the exercises take place without the use of any simulators.

  1. Before starting exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, a man needs to learn to feel his muscles (muscles interrupting urination, perineum, levator testicle muscle, anus sphincter, muscles in the coccyx region, as well as the lower abdomen). You need to learn how to separate these 5 points! To do this, it is necessary to perform squeezing of these points separately for 1-3 minutes several times a day, until a clear sensation of each point appears.
  2. After that, the man goes on to develop the strength of the pelvic muscles. All 5 points must be strongly squeezed and held for 5-10 seconds, then relax as much as possible. This exercise must be repeated several times a day, while performing 2-3 approaches.
  3. When a man learns to do the 2nd exercise without effort and control, he can move on to training each point separately. It should be noted that the same exercise must be done both squatting and standing.
  4. One of the important components of male imbuilding is the belly breathing technique. In this case, breathing movement occurs only in the abdomen, on exhalation, the stomach is drawn in (smoothly, evenly), on inhalation, the stomach is filled with air. The main thing is not to exert effort during this breathing, everything should be natural and at ease. At first, it is better to practice this technique while lying with bent knees, and having mastered the basics, proceed to standing.
  5. When a man has mastered the basics of imbuilding and belly breathing, it is time to do them at the same time. Train all 5 points separately, observing the rules of belly breathing technique.
  6. Particular attention to the abdomen. In order to consolidate the achieved result, it is also necessary to train the abdominal muscles. Not every bodybuilder is able to control their abdominal muscles to make a wave or swing, for example. And the abdominal muscles are largely involved in maintaining the health of the spine as a whole.

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How do men feel about female wumbling?

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Every woman motivates her wumbling lessons by wanting to please her partner. Most women do this, followed by women who realized that by loving their body and themselves, they will have more opportunities to express feelings and emotions. And in third place are women who are preparing for childbirth, this category of women usually do exercises only during pregnancy and some time after childbirth.

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