What if you are burnt out in the sun? The best methods for sunburn.

Enjoying the sun’s rays and basking in the sun while striving to get a beautiful tan, it is very easy not to notice how time flies. But all the consequences are very easy to see and feel later on your own skin.

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And since the burn has happened, it should be properly treated.

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What if you get sunburn?

It’s best to start with a cold shower, but avoid using cosmetics like soaps and gels as they dry out your skin. And your skin has already lost quite a lot of moisture.

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Then you should use products to rehabilitate your skin.

Folk remedies for sunburn

  • One of the best folk remedies will be gruel of cucumber or potatoes, which must be applied to the burnt place. This gruel makes you feel cool and helps relieve pain from small burned areas.
  • Will also work well starch… It must be diluted with water so that a gruel is obtained, which is then applied to the damaged area.
  • Also very good in this regard are already well-known to everyone kefir and yogurt… They both moisturize and soothe the skin.
  • Cooling will help a lot. a mixture of 5 ml of olive oil and 5 drops of essential oil
  • Best sunburn remedies - what to do if sunburned?Will help well and virgin hazel… A napkin soaked in this product should be applied to damaged skin.
  • Recommended to soothe the skin oat flour, which should be poured into gauze or cotton cloth, soak under running cold water. Discard and then apply such a compress to the burned areas every 2-4 hours.
  • Aloe… Another excellent remedy in the fight against burns. The inner contents of the aloe should be squeezed out onto the damaged area. However, the skin should be checked initially for an allergic reaction to it.
  • The traditional Greek remedy for burns can also be used – vinegar with rose petals… The vinegar cools and the rose relieves skin irritation.
  • It will be very useful to take a bath with the addition of various agents that help heal the burn. An excellent option would be bath with the addition of a wine cup of white wine bite
  • Another good option is baking soda bath… After such a bath, it is advisable not to wipe the skin with a towel, but to let the soda solution dry on the skin.
  • A very good option would be adding 150g of chamomile decoction to the bath… Chamomile is both soothing and an excellent antiseptic.

Medicinal Ways to Get Rid of Sun Burns

  • Best sunburn remedies - what to do if sunburned?In the fight against burns, a good remedy would be compress made of aluminum acetate mixed with bursol or domeboro powder mixed with water… This compress relieves irritation and itching.
  • Works well in such cases soothing cream with menthol or aloe extract… You can also use a soothing gel for sensitive skin or a vitamin C spray.
  • Excellent means will be hydrocortisone or ointments, gels, creams containing it.
  • Another good remedy in the fight against burns is panthenol
  • You can also use homeopathic remedies. Cream or tincture of Urtica and Calendula
  • Ercal with water in a ratio of 1 to 10
  • Cantharis… It should be used internally for severe burns every hour.
  • Very well cools and soothes the skin cold compress with the addition of Dr. Buck’s “Rescue Balm”

When should you see a doctor?

  • Best sunburn remedies - what to do if sunburned?You should see a doctor when you are feeling unwell.
  • If you have severe dizziness and headaches, if you have nausea or vomiting.
  • If you have blisters on your skin that hurt you a lot. This indicates a high degree of burn.
  • You should also consult a doctor if you have an exacerbation of chronic diseases due to sunburn.

Reviews of sunburns from the forums.


If you get a sunburn, no creams will save you from peeling your skin. Yes, panthenol relieves pain well, but if the burn was very severe (for example, you fell asleep on the beach), rub (without zeal) the place of the burn with vodka. Evaporating, vodka is very good pain reliever. When the skin is dry from the vodka, wipe with water, and then apply panthenol to dry skin.


I have already worked out the process of removing sunburns for a long time. After tanning, take a shower. There, in the most gentle mode, all the dirt is washed off, after which an ordinary baby cream is applied to the body. A pill or two aspirins are drunk from the temperature, only tomato salad with sour cream comes from food on this day. As soon as there is a feeling that the skin is “pulling”, that in some place it is not comfortable, the same baby cream is urgently applied to it. On the second and third day after the burn, any sun exposure is highly discouraged. Lubrication of the skin should continue until its dryness and pain is no longer causing you discomfort. Re-going to the beach is best done in a week. In this case, you will have a stable tan and a minimum of peeling skin.


American doctors for sunburns advise to drink aspirin – the inflammation of the skin decreases. I saw how one friend in Cyprus did this. I was surprised, and then at home I read that this is how it should be! The main thing is not to smear it with any oil or fatty cream, otherwise a compress turns out and the burn continues to “deepen” (described in books and tested, alas, on its own bitter experience).

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