What kind of princess are you – online test for women

All girls once dreamed of being princesses, and even as they matured, some of them secretly continue to cherish the dream of a crown, a castle and a prince on white (or on any other, the main thing is that the horse should be a premium class and with a powerful engine under the hood). There are so many princesses in the Disney world that there is bound to be one that you look like the most. Take this quiz and find out what royalty you look like?

What kind of princess are you online test for women

The test consists of 10 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

1. With what element can you compare your character?

A) Earth. No options.
B) Earth or Air.
C) Air.
D) Definitely fire. I’m just a fire.
E) Water is changeable and strong inside.
F) Fire and water – I’m just a bundle of contradictions.

2. Tell us about your hobby:

A) Hanging on the phone for a long time or sticking to social networks. And what, I’m sociable.
B) Books, books and more books. I love to educate myself and learn new things.
C) Needlework – I like to do something with my own hands, it calms and sets you in a benevolent mood.
D) Travel – even if your destination is the grocery store around the corner. I just can’t sit at home, I constantly need movement and an active lifestyle.
E) Creativity – singing in the shower, drawing curls in a notebook at a meeting, writing sketches about the past day in Notes. Any way of expressing myself is important to me.
F) Hangouts, meeting friends, constant movement, not a moment of rest.

3. All fairy-tale characters have an animal that is always with them. Choose from the listed brothers of our lesser one with whom you would be friends:

A) Feathered I like: parrots or canaries.
B) I have no favorites, I equally love all the animals I meet.
C) A small gentle creature such as a cat.
D) I would get along well with the same fidget as I am – a monkey, raccoon or a dog with a cheerful disposition.
E) Since childhood, I dreamed of a horse – I manage to make friends with them right away.
F) I prefer to communicate with people.

4. Describe yourself in one word:

A) Principled.
B) Gullible.
C) Hardworking.
D) Active.
E) Independent.
F) Carefree.

5. Who do you think should dominate the relationship?

A) The man is the head and the woman is the neck. I think that says it all.
B) It is important to evenly distribute responsibilities in a couple and to know who is responsible for what. Then there will be no such questions.
C) Of course, the man should be in charge. He decides and leads, and I can advise and express my opinion.
D) Partnership is the key to the success and longevity of a couple. The main thing is to find a partner who would share this principle.
E) A woman can lead if a man lacks determination or self-confidence. The main thing is not to lose faith in him.
F) I am for equality, but a man has to pay the bill in the restaurant.

6. The qualities that you value in men:

A) Courage and perseverance.
B) Emotionality and sincerity.
C) Will and persistence.
D) Love of adventure and fearlessness.
E) Self-confidence and reliability.
F) Ease of rise and lack of prejudice.

7. Which celebrity impresses you more than others:

A) Kate Winslet.
B) Kylie Jenner.
C) Keira Knightley.
D) Mila Kunis.
E) Monica Bellucci.
F) Cara Delevingne.

8. Tell us about your style, what is it:

A) Classic and natural.
B) I pay more attention to hairstyle and make-up – they are greeted by clothes, but they look at the face first.
C) Comfort and convenience prevail over fashion trends that I don’t care about.
D) Ethnic prints, fringes and oversized items.
E) Feminine style, thanks to which I can emphasize my figure.
F) I like to shock the audience, so I often choose extravagant images and combine the incongruous.

9. What annoys you the most?

A) People. I am an introvert who quickly gets tired of large crowds and does not like to be in a crowd.
B) Loneliness. I can’t live a day without talking to someone.
C) Boredom. I am a very active person and I cannot sit idly by.
D) Monotony. I need adventure all the time, routine is killing me.
E) Responsibility. I want to finally feel fragile and tender, and not decide for everyone what to do.
F) Stereotypes, conformism and conservatism – you need to be able to change yourself, your views and not merge with the gray mass.

10. Your ideal honeymoon destination:

A) Paradise island away from people with white sand and bungalows hidden in coconut trees.
B) Active rest, surfing or yachting, mountains and complete unity with nature.
C) It doesn’t matter where, the main thing is with a loved one.
D) Luxury hotel in the UAE, shopping and candlelit dinner every evening.
E) A romantic, measured vacation in some beautiful European city.
F) Mallorca, Ibiza, Amsterdam – loud music, happy people and we are in this center of fun.


More Answers A


Rapunzel1Charming, funny and easy-going – that’s how people around you think you are. Men cannot resist hearing your bursting laugh and try to make you laugh even more, but this is not so difficult to do. You know how to show your advantageous sides and carefully hide the impartial features, of which you have too few to show them. You are open to new things, but you can hardly give up the usual things, preferring to change your life gradually, step by step. Courageous views of what is happening, courageous confrontation of difficulties and endless optimism will help you on the way to your goal, whatever it may be.

More Answers B

Snow White

Snow White2An eternal child who so wants to preserve in himself the childlike spontaneity and spirit of freedom. However, at the same time, you are sometimes childishly naive and gullible, which can be taken advantage of by malevolent people. Turn naivety into your weapon – sometimes you can pretend to be a lamb to lull the wolf’s vigilance. At the same time, you are kind and condescending, sympathetic and sentimental, and there are legends about your thriftiness and seriousness. Such a girl must certainly be accompanied by a strong man, ready to protect and protect you from all adversity.

More Answers C


Cinderella2You are distinguished by impressionability and subtly feel the world around you and the people around you. They say about such – a hypersensitive person with a high level of empathy. Indeed, your intuition allows you to easily determine who you should trust and with whom it is better to keep your ear sharp. The only exception is the family, where you strive to relax and unwind, so you can take on all the housework in order to gain praise and recognition from the households who are accustomed to this state of affairs. However, you should not do something just for the sake of approval from the outside – you do not owe anything to anyone, so try to start living your life, then they will reckon with you and communicate with you on an equal footing.

More Answers D


JasmineA real hurricane of emotions and temperament. In the eyes of those around you, you are a real imp in a skirt, who in childhood played war with the boys, and having matured, he organized a male team around himself that respects and worships his superiors. If you are just in the process of career growth, then do not hesitate – it will be so. Surely you love outdoor activities, sports and drive a car very fast. However, along with the boyish character traits of a real kid, you skillfully balance between “your boyfriend” and a wise woman, whom both men and women turn to for advice, seeing in you a guru of relationship psychology and just a good person.

More Answers E


Belle2The embodiment of femininity and fortitude in one person. “He will stop the galloping horse, he will enter the burning hut” – this is exactly about you. Here you need to add only the fact that after burning huts and fast races, you manage to look as if you spent the whole day in the SPA and in the caring hands of a beautician, and then went shopping. A strong woman with a strong character who knows how to hide claws and become a fluffy purring creature, being in reliable male hands. You know when you need to show strength of character, and when it is better to pretend to be a naive girl or not knowing something, in order to amuse the pride of your man.

More F Answers


ArielImpossible fidget since childhood has matured into a party-girl, without which not a single party goes. Where music plays on Friday and the cream of society gathers, you will definitely be there, and in the company you are respected and loved for your sincerity and lack of hypocrisy. You know how to start a crowd and light it up, and at school you probably took part in all kinds of amateur art circles, where you involuntarily drew all the attention to yourself, even if you just kept the scenery backstage. The irrepressible flow of energy and incredible charisma helped you easily gain popularity and anyone around you in any team.

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