What kind of women do Aquarius men love?

The charismatic and mysterious zodiac sign is very popular with women. Aquarius attracts girls like a magnet. Athletic and fit appearance catches the eye immediately. It is impossible not to notice Aquarius in the crowd – this is the soul of the company with many interesting stories and anecdotes from life.

What kind of women do Aquarius men like?

This is an independent and outstanding personality, able to make money out of thin air. The Aquarius man is distinguished by a benevolent disposition, which attracts people to him. He knows how to easily win over people with the help of his charm and charm. In women, he looks for the same traits that are present in him. He needs a non-standard and bright personality who can outshine everyone and give minutes of happiness to his only man.

What is Aquarius looking for in his chosen one?

A man under the influence of Air is a non-standard and mysterious person. He is an intelligent and erudite person who knows many interesting and unusual facts from life. He has many friends who are looking forward to new interesting stories.

The Aquarius man is always surrounded by women who are attracted by strength and mystery. He may be interested in a bright girl of the same character. In order to keep his attention for a longer period, you need to become his mirror image.

In his chosen one, Aquarius wants to see:

  • The girl must have a riddle that he will be happy to study.… The longer the intrigue persists, the longer his interest will last. This is the favorite pastime of Aquarius – to reveal every day new and unknown in his chosen one. You just need to submit yourself correctly, so as not to push him away with excessive isolation.
  • Everything should be positive – in the vision of the day, solving everyday problems, talking and walking. Nearby, he wants to see a cheerful companion who sees only positive moments in everything. He himself radiates joy and optimism, therefore he expects the same from his beloved girl.
  • When you first meet such a man, you need to keep your distance, but make it clear that it is interesting. The inaccessibility of a bright and beautiful girl will force him to show his entire arsenal of talents in order to conquer her. Here you only need to correctly calculate the time that he will have to spend on the conquest. Difficulties do not frighten him, but only spur him to action.
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  • An Aquarian companion should be friendly and open. – this will become a clear advantage in the fight for his heart. A closed and rude woman has practically no chance of staying next to him for a long time.
  • To interest a man of this zodiac sign, you need to be a versatile person.… Aquarius has many interests – computer games, travel, books, cars, art and legal aspects. Therefore, before you start active actions in relation to him, you need to improve your knowledge in different areas. Next to him, he wants to see an intelligent and well-read girl who is able to maintain a conversation on any topic.
  • When meeting Aquarius, it will be a huge plus to let him know that you have common interests and preferences with him.… It can be love to travel, passion for racing, or any quiet hobby.
  • A woman should be calm and balanced., but able to bring a special flavor to the relationship. Do not be afraid to surprise him – this will only awaken his interest. Life and constancy are not for him. He needs constant novelty and bright events so that the routine does not drag on. Entrepreneurship is appreciated by Aquarius. Together with these qualities, a woman should be decent and honest.
  • A life partner must prepare for the fact that he needs constant care and attention.… During an illness, she should be constantly nearby and help to endure all the hardships of ailment. In case of troubles at work and in other areas, he expects support and help.
  • In an intimate life, he needs passion and sexuality.… Aquarius is outwardly cold, but inside he feels everything. He needs the unity of souls at the mental level. A woman should feel it and be ready to rekindle it at any moment. Sexuality should be in everything.
  • You shouldn’t put pressure on him and demand a serious relationship.… He must decide on this step himself and consciously give up his freedom. If you surround him with care, warmth and constantly stir up his interest, then you won’t have to wait long for a marriage proposal.

Characteristics of Aquarius

The famous football player C. Ronaldo constantly says: “Will I ever get married? Certainly. All I need from a woman is a reliable rear and a sense of home. “

What should be avoided when dealing with Aquarius?

It’s easy enough to interest an Air man, but also just to lose him. Any little thing can be decisive in his choice. You need to be careful and attentive so as not to push him away from you.

To keep him close, you need to remember the following:

  • Narcissism and selfishness of a girl is absolutely unacceptable for him. If he sees that she herself is more important to her, then he will immediately rush to look for another who will surround him with love and care.
  • He will not tolerate the absence of a specific goal in life and desires in his chosen one. He is constantly striving for excellence and looking for new hobbies, so a woman must fully comply with him.
  • A girl’s explicit desire to get married and become a happy housewife will be the first step towards breaking up. He needs to be gently and unobtrusively nudged towards this step.
  • Aquarius cannot be controlled. Personal space means a lot to him, so he will guard him and not even allow his beloved woman there.

Life with Aquarius will be filled with bright events, but this requires some effort. The chosen one of such a man should be effective, beautiful, have clear goals and be able to harmoniously express their emotions. His attention and interest must be constantly nourished and kept by competent actions.

Aquarius women men

The main thing for a man of air is appearance and mystery, which is confirmed by the Russian film and theater actor D. Kharatyan: “A slender tall blonde with blue eyes: a standard! To look down on everyone, feeling like a star, and it was with her. I had to win her heart. “

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