All types of women’s shoes today – we are learning to understand the styles, types and shapes of women’s shoes and boots

All types of women's shoes today - we are learning to understand the styles, types and shapes of women's shoes, boots and bootsWomen always treat shoes with reverence. Quality. Convenience. Appearance. Style. Style. The requirements for these components are always high. After all, a woman spends a lot of time on her feet. Plus an active lifestyle, wealth, etc. Therefore, they buy the most relevant models.

The content of the article:

  1. Types of women’s sandals, sandals and slippers
  2. Types of women’s shoes, low shoes and oxfords
  3. Types of women’s boots, ankle boots and ankle boots
  4. Types of women’s boots

How are shoes classified?

First of all, it is divided by:

  1. Purpose (talking about industrial, sports, household, prophylactic, orthopedic, special).
  2. Age (children, adolescents, etc.).
  3. Materials used in sewing (leather, textiles, etc.).
  4. How to connect the top and bottom, etc.

What do modern girls wear? What is most of all household footwear (fashion, everyday, travel, home, beach, all-season) relevant?

Let’s talk about it!

Types of women’s sandals, sandals and slippers

You guessed it, that we are talking about women’s summer shoes.

What would a business woman, a fan of informal outfits, or a romantic lady like to wear? They have plenty to choose from. the market offers variety in terms of design, unique models that match basic things and outfits.


Women’s sandals

This is a type of shoe with an open instep and a heel, which is usually worn without stockings and socks. The upper of the shoe is made of textiles, leather and other materials. The sandals have fasteners to help keep the th on the leg.

This type of popular women’s summer shoes can be chosen for any occasion:

  1. To work.
  2. Walking to the beach.
  3. Walk.
  4. Festive outfit addition.

Traditional models are appropriate in a cocktail and casual look. So, classics and avant-garde on a stiletto heel or a steady heel, with an “openwork” or laconic top, simple or decorated.

Koturns (as models on a platform or wedge were called earlier) are relevant in youth or beach outfits.

No less in demand in the summer and clogs (shoes with one-piece, cast, wooden or stacked soles).

NEED TO KNOW: With more complex models, simpler “background” clothing is worn.

Types of women's sandals and sandals

Types of women's sandals and sandals

Women’s sandals

Open-ended summer shoes for women with open heel and toe, with a flat sole with many straps of different widths and designs, with ropes or clasps for fixing on the leg.

BY THE WAY: Sandals are sandals with closed heels and backs.

Sandals, often made of leather, suede or textiles, look great in combination with casual clothing; ideal for:

  1. for walking;
  2. trips out of town, outdoors, etc .;
  3. trips to the market, etc.

Flip flops, gladiators are some of the most popular types of sandals.

ATTENTION: Gladiators with flat heels can visually shorten the legs.

Types of women's sandals and sandals

Flip flops

Women’s slippers, through the efforts of fashion designers, can look like a work of art. They are also called slates or “flip flops”. This is also a type of summer shoes that provide air access, because they are also without backdrops and with an open foot.

Equally comfortable to wear with shorts, breeches, dresses or skirts, this stylish option is great for hiking:

  1. To the beach.
  2. In town.
  3. In the pool.
  4. To the dacha, etc.

Unlike the same slates, the slippers are held on the leg by means of jumpers – one or more. There are no heels or low heels. Made from rubber, leather, textile or suede. Easy to care for. Stores well in winter.

Types of women's sandals and sandals

Types of women’s shoes, low shoes and oxfords

And this is a shoe option for the most capricious seasons – spring and autumn, when it is unusually warm.

Womens shoes

This is a special component of the image that determines its class and style. No girl can do without this accessory. Fortunately, through the efforts of designers, dozens of models have been created that differ not only in the material of manufacture or color, but also in style, type of heel, decor nuances and other details.

Types of shoes and low boots for women Types of shoes and low boots for women

Here are some versatile and practical basic women’s shoes:

  • Boats: classics with heels of different heights, which are equally good for creating a romantic and business look; very comfortable for every day; stilettos: perfect for evening outfits and for a business meeting; extravagant models can combine a thin stiletto heel and a platform; Hundreds of brands launch new collections of classic and trendy hairpins.
  • Wedge heel: trendy models fit well both in a feminine casual style and with an image of skirts, dresses and jeans.
  • Without heel: comfortable, comfortable models are diverse in terms of both shape and decor; they are chosen primarily by girls for whom comfort and a refined lady-image are a priority, and who are in love with relaxed eclectic outfits.

NEED TO BE REFINED: Shoes can be closed or open toe, open toe, open heel, ankle closure, etc.

Types of shoes and low boots for women Types of shoes and low boots for women

Women’s low boots

Summer, demi-season and winter – this format of shoes made of leather or suede has become the best option for a casual look and useful in all respects, because doctors have recognized a 3-5 cm heel useful for the spine.

Comfortable low boots with a stable wide heel just so successfully harmonize with any clothing, create an appropriate image and complete the chosen image. They are worn with skirts, trousers, jeans, leggings, tight skirts.

The most popular trends that are in the lines of many brands are presented on the fashion market:

  • Lacquered low shoes on a brutal platform.
  • Suede or velor loafers in blue or burgundy, brown, cream.
  • Shoes with sports soles, but with strict lacing.
  • Models made of grooved, perforated leather, etc.
  • Low shoes with a platform, wedges, with grooved soles, etc.

Types of shoes and low boots for women Types of shoes and low boots for women

Womens oxfords

It is no coincidence that Oxfords, being the classic shoe for men, have entered the women’s wardrobe. Boots with closed lacing are emphatically masculine, although the feminine version is not so conservative. Their outlines are laconic. All this adds piquancy to the female image.

Here are the expert recommendations:

  1. Models without heels, more like menare worn without a sock with trousers or jeans. In this case, the legs are tucked up to expose the graceful ankles. This is very suitable for girls with slender legs.
  2. To create a stylish everyday look, we are advised to wear oxfords in brown or beige
  3. Oxfords with heels worn with skirts and dresses in a romantic or classic style. The look is complemented by matching tights.

Boots in dark tones or a bright shade will be chic to combine with cropped or casually rolled up trousers. This type of flat shoe is not worn with long trousers.

BY THE WAY: When worn with skirts, it is advisable not to burden the image with feminine details such as ruffles or flounces.

Types of women’s boots, ankle boots and ankle boots

Women’s boots, ankle boots and ankle boots are not just warm shoes. It is also a bright accent and an opportunity to demonstrate your taste and status.

Women’s shoes

Practicality. Relevance. Style … Basically, women’s boots – whether high, low, or Chelsea, etc. – are presented as classics. They borrowed almost everything from the design of men’s shoes.

Here are the main trends:

  • Derby: the construction of universal boots of a strict cut is traditional, the sole is thick “geisha” type;
  • Oxfordets: they are the most conservative in terms of decor and forms, but they look super cute, especially in the context of romantic and informal outfits;
  • Monkey: similar to the shoes of the same name without laces or with a metal buckle on the side;
  • Loafers: shoes without ties for every day; soft body; neat decor in the form of tassels or small fringes;

Sports, democratic and grunge shoes are very relevant. Models fit perfectly into the most daring and comfortable look with dresses, jeans and casual-style trousers.

Many collections of modern fashion houses are represented by original leather sneakers, sneakers, “grinders” and stylized insulated boots.

Types of women's boots, ankle boots and ankle bootsTypes of women's boots, ankle boots and ankle boots

Ankle boots

This is a versatile and very practical shoe. With it, you will be incomparable in business, basic and eclectic looks.

They are made from natural and eco-leather, suede and nubuck, textiles, lace, knitted and perforated fabrics.

Ankle boots with heels are diverse not only in terms of design (and they are decorated with textured inserts and fur, rhinestones and colored elements, fringe and voluminous applications), but also in its type.

  • In grunge and punk styles, this is a thick column heel.
  • In more feminine ones – a stiletto heel or a wedge-shaped heel.
  • In avant-garde variations and oxfords, the heel is complemented by a platform.
  • The style of the models on the graceful but stable wedge heels of democratic and luxury brands is strict, youthful and semi-sporty.
  • The construction of winter ankle boots insulated with fur, flannel and other materials, high, as a rule, with a thick sole and a stable heel or on a wide platform, is reinforced, their seams are waterproof.

Types of women's boots, ankle boots and ankle boots Types of women's boots, ankle boots and ankle boots

Women’s ankle boots

This is the most versatile and very comfortable shoe for the cold season.

  • The tops make them warmer than the boots.
  • Unlike ordinary boots, ankle boots are easier to pick up, because when trying them on there are no problems with the width of the bootleg.
  • This type of women’s warm shoe looks great with a variety of clothes. Although they are more preferred by girls who like to wear pants.
  • In demi-season there may be a heel and even a stiletto heel. Suede models are suitable for dry weather
  • Closer to frost will become more relevant ankle boots with flat soles or wedges, due to which they are more stable.
  • Skinny trousers are tucked into this type of women’s shoes, as a result, the leg is protected from the cold and from the ingress of snow.
  • Winter ankle boots can be not only insulated, but also decorated with fur.
  • Textile boots with polyurethane soles, produced by some manufacturers, will be an excellent option for outdoor activities.

Types of women’s boots

Classic women’s boots

Good old classics – that’s what’s relevant in the cold, whatever the trendsetters suggest. And there are no special secrets here – they fit perfectly into any image, which does not have to be built too much, as in the situation with ultra-fashionable models.

Consider: Buying a pair, you need to focus on the design of outerwear. If you choose the right one, you can combine shoes with one way or another: from the image of a business woman to the style of a modest romantic girl.

Types of women's boots

Classic women’s boots are different:

  • A high bootleg (if above the knee, then these are boots) that fits the leg.
  • Narrow toe (or sharp, rounded).
  • Calm colors (gray, brown, black).
  • The presence of a heel of different shapes.
  • Interior trim, so demi-season shoes are trimmed with a bike, and winter shoes – with fur or wool.
  • A minimum of decor.

No matter how versatile classic boots are, which are relevant at any time of the year (except summer), they will look more harmonious with clothes in a classic style.

BY THE WAY: Models with high heels have the ability to make legs look slimmer by visually lengthening them.

Types of women's boots Types of women's boots

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