What our wrinkles on the face say – the answer of a physiognomist

Once, walking through one of the countless towns in northern Italy, my friends and I saw three beautiful ladies in front. Slender legs, tucked up buttocks, proudly unfolded shoulders – all indicated self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Intuitively, like a man, we gave the girls 30 years old and moved on to get closer. So, for fun.

Running ahead, we turned around to take a closer look, and were simply amazed. All age-related nuances of the skin, in the literal sense, are “there”. The youngest of the friends was about 50 years old.

The ladies laughed merrily, attracting the attention of passers-by and enjoying it with youthful spontaneity. The friends left, and we continued to stand in a daze. After a good half minute, one of my companions interrupted the prolonged pause with the words: “Fuck, but mine did a lift again.”

Why is the skin aging?

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The structure of the skin is controlled by genes. Even if you reduce to a minimum external factors – poor nutrition, stress and the sun, genes will still continue to change the structure and color of the skin. Wrinkles are an evolutionary mechanism. Nature needs them to show the maturity of the human individual.

Women’s fight against wrinkles is a consequence of advertising campaigns and fears. Male fears. I’ll explain now.

Today, many women are afraid of getting older faces. But you must admit that a beautiful face and a face without wrinkles are not synonyms. Often, mature women with wrinkles look much more attractive than their tight-fitting doll-like peers.

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How to determine a person’s character by wrinkles

Wrinkles are different. For example, horizontal forehead wrinkles can indicate leadership qualities, integrity, or a high level of spiritual development. Some wrinkles around the eyes reflect volitional qualities, while others indicate sociability. The nasolabial fold in one position gives the brain a signal that we are in front of an altruist, and in the other it accuses the person of greed.

The subconscious mind reads this information automatically and gives it to us in the form of sensations and guesses. Have you ever noticed how our brain intuitively reads a person’s psychotype by facial features, depth and direction of wrinkles?

They just glanced at the person, and a thought is already in my head – a cold cynic, but rich … One look, and immediately understandable – an open, honest guy, but not a penny for his soul. And sometimes the brain explodes with a phrase – this is he, my man.

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What do our wrinkles say?

But still, the very first reason for the formation of wrinkles is a reflection of typical psychological conditions associated with facial expressions. For example, vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows mean anxiety, chronic fatigue, overload.

They appear in young mothers, who are faced with a lot of household chores. Or an employee overwhelmed by a huge volume of turnover.

When a person constantly thinks about commitments or feels guilty, their dominant emotion is sadness, and their body condition is stress. The vertical creases between the eyebrows appear as an extension of the dominant emotion. For those who saw vertical wrinkles in their mirror, there is a reason to ask the question: what is going wrong in my life? Why am I so loaded?

Wrinkles help us in the analysis of personality, and their absence, rather, suggests thoughts of social hypocrisy and an attempt to hide something. But these are risks only for lucid, mature men and women.

Being unique, modern, interesting is hard work, not all women are ready to do it every day. It is difficult to be with an experienced, mature, self-sufficient woman. It must be reckoned with. She needs to match. Not every modern man is capable of this.

So remember that wrinkles are a reflection of the experience, and it is different for everyone. Mature, conscious people fall in love not with wrinkles or their absence, but with a whole, interesting personality.

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Also, smile more often. Forced. Even when you are tired. Even when sad. Especially when you are tired and sad. According to the principle of feedback, your smile changes the balance of hormones and improves your well-being. Do facial massage and gymnastics. Everything is in the piggy bank of conscious management of your states and your life. Be complete, interesting individuals and your wrinkles will be beautiful.

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