Edward Scissorhands fans set up a museum

Joey Klops and his wife bought the house where the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder was filmed and made a museum out of it, according to TMZ.

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As the Daily Mail notes, the cottage that belonged to the Boggs family at Edward Scissorhands was purchased for $ 230,000 a year ago.

“Land of scissors”

The mansion was named “The Land of Scissors” and now everyone can visit the museum for free. The couple renovated the building, painted the walls in several rooms and collected interesting artifacts.

Such as the original Tim Burton film scissors that were used by the actor to trim a bush and a pack of cigarettes that Johnny Depp forgot in the house.

Fans of the film

According to TMZ, Depp was the only actor allowed to smoke during filming. It now stands proudly in the kitchen, where Joey and his wife have kept the original furniture.

Also, the new owners cleaned up the landscape next to the “House” with unusual long potted bushes that curl upward, and very thin low trees with foliage clipped in circles, which are located one above the other.

All this was done to preserve the atmosphere that Tim Burton so brilliantly recreated in his film.

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