what the universe wants to tell you

Have you ever had to look at your watch and see the mirrored numbers? Coincidence? No, this is far from the case. Every time you see such combinations as, for example, 03:30, 10:01, 14:41, perhaps the Higher Forces are trying to establish contact with you and tell you something.

Let’s take a closer look at these numbers.

Mirrored numbers: meaning

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The Universe has some very unusual and somewhat strange ways of sending you its signals. A tremor in the body, incomprehensible premonitions or unexpected sounds of nature are some of these signals or prompts from above.

If you perfectly understand and realize this, you will be able not only to record such messages, but also correctly interpret them in a given situation.

For instance:

  • If you usually see mirror numbers every time you look at your watch, this is a sign that the Higher powers are always protecting you.
  • Some passer-by on the street asks you about the time – and you see these mirrored numbers.
  • Where are you in a hurry and check your watch in the hope of not being late – and again you see the mirrored numbers.

What does this mean? For skeptics, such a phenomenon is likely to go unnoticed. But if you want to learn to hear and listen to the Universe, then do not ignore these messages.

It is believed that mirror numbers signal the presence of another person who has gone into the world. Or that at the moment the Universe gives you the opportunity to make a cherished wish.

There is also a hypothesis that such numbers are a reflection of what is happening in the unconscious part of our mind, that is, we are not even aware of it.

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Mirror numbers in numerology

Since ancient times, numbers have aroused a genuine interest in people in them. And this is not only a matter of mathematics as a science. The point is that each number contains different vibrations.

Numerology claims that combinations of certain numbers generate a kind of code. It must be deciphered by a person, depending on the moment at which this code was received, and on the question to which you want to get an answer.

Photo by Pixabay

Mirror numbers can also be a direct message from your guardian angels. And for more rational people, this is an opportunity for reflection.

Use this hint, decipher it and get advice on how you should act in a situation that worries you.

Interpreting mirrored numbers

01:10 – You are surrounded by love and kindness.

02:20 – Keep calm, you will receive good news soon.

03:30 – You have a secret admirer. Take a closer look at your surroundings.

04:40 – Perhaps you have deceived someone’s trust.

05:50 – Expect a pleasant surprise soon.

10:01 – The person you love thinks of someone else.

12:21 – A very close person speaks badly of you.

13:31 – Be careful: adverse situations are possible.

14:41 – Have you lost something? You will soon find what you are looking for.

15:51 – Someone is waiting for the manifestation of your feelings.

20:02 “Someone misses you very much.

21:12 – Your guardian angel is near, and he makes sure that everything is in order with you.

23:32 – Be carefull. Someone is trying to manipulate you.

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