What type of man is most attractive to you?

Here are four men of different types. Think about which one attracts you the most. Your choice will describe your personal characteristics, preferences and even your weaknesses, which would be useful to correct. So who did you choose?

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Quiz: What type of man is most attractive to you?  The answer will show you what kind of relationship you want.

Type 1

You are subconsciously attracted to the “man-father”, as you yourself prefer the role of “woman-daughter” who needs care and support. You can be contradictory and unstable because you never know exactly what you want. When a man does not pay enough attention to you, you feel discomfort, become capricious and nervous, which, in turn, will not help you to improve and stabilize the relationship.

You want to feel desired and loved, because you are looking for a partner who can take full responsibility, as well as solve all your problems and satisfy any, even the most ridiculous desires. In other words, you strive to be behind a stone wall. You need his confidence, reliability and even a little authoritarianism to build strong relationships, because you will happily obey, cave in and be your typical daddy’s daughter.

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Type 2

You have chosen a “man-son”, which means that you, with no small probability, are a “woman-mother” who considers it her key mission to be necessary always and for everyone, and also as irreplaceable as possible for a partner. You give all of yourself to your loved ones, who (and you are really sure of this) supposedly cannot survive without your boundless care. Behind your dedication is a subconscious desire to subjugate those around you and become an absolute authority for them.

Therefore, the man who unquestioningly accepts the dominant role of a partner in the family and does not mind obeying her can become your chosen one. This is a typical “man-child”, dreaming of a “mommy” who breastfeeds and protects him from all troubles. And the manipulator can also take advantage of the “woman-mother”, because he will gladly accept her care and will benefit from this for himself.

Type 3

You are a self-sufficient and persistent lady with your point of view, and in all situations you make your own decisions, so an “independent man” is most suitable for you. Potential partners perceive you as a very interesting, attractive, but somewhat bitchy lady, and such women scare them a little. Most of the chosen ones simply cannot match you, since they are not ready (and do not want) to give their other half a lot of freedom. They still prefer a relationship where they will play the role of the dominant earner.

You want the most independent relationship that respects personal time and space. And this is possible only with an intelligent, understanding partner who shares your views. You are not against romance, but the basis of your union is the same principles and worldview.

Type 4

You are a “woman-sister”, and it is easier, easier and more convenient for you to have a “man-brother” who will gladly share with you all his joys and sorrows. You focus on common interests and mutual understanding with your partner and want to spend a lot of time with him. You long to become his best and irreplaceable friend, always ready to give advice and rush to help. You expect similar support from him, but to a lesser extent.

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