What types of highlights are best for your hair – 9 color options

Hair highlightsIf by the summer you want some changes in your appearance, then there is nothing easier than doing something interesting with your hair. In this case, various hair coloring techniques come to the rescue of women. Fortunately, today beauty salons are really ready to provide clients with a variety of choices, all this is accompanied by the consultation of a hair stylist who will choose the type of coloring that suits you.

However, before visiting the salon, it is still worth familiarizing yourself with the various existing options in order to better formulate your wishes to the master.


One of the most famous dyeing techniques in the world today is balayage.


When working in this technique, the master makes an up and down movement along the strands with a brush with paint applied to it.
The strands are selectively lightened. At the same time, after applying the composition to them, they are not wrapped in foil, as in conventional highlighting, but remain in the open air.


Shatush is one of the types of the previous staining.

Its main difference is that before applying the brightening agent, the master makes a bouffant. This allows you to achieve the natural effect of sunburned hair.


However, this is a very difficult technique. Therefore, before visiting the chosen master, check if he owns it.

California highlights

This coloring is also carried out without the use of foil after applying the composition.

Californian highlighting allows you to get the effect of sun-bleached hair, complemented by skillfully spaced highlights on the hair (an even lighter color).

California highlights

As a rule, it is done, departing from the roots at least 5 cm, while trying to make the transition between the roots of a natural color and dyed hair as smooth as possible. Due to this, the next time coloring can be carried out much later than with conventional highlighting, since the color transition will look natural and beautiful.


Babylights is a new type of coloring. It got its interesting name from the effect that is achieved with its help.

This is a way to return to your childish hair color, because usually people have a little lighter hair in childhood than in adulthood.


However, this is not a simple coloring and lightening in several tones. Small strands are lightened, but with a high frequency. Due to this, the hair color in general appears to be somewhat lighter.

Tortoiseshell staining

This coloring is a combination of balayage and babylights.

The strands of the face are dyed using the balayage technique, and the hair throughout the rest of the head is lightened using the babylights technique. At the same time, the hair is dyed in several shades, however, natural: from light and wheat to the color of chocolate.

Tortoiseshell staining

The result is the so-called tortoiseshell coloration.

This technique is a rather bold and extravagant solution, so be careful with the choice of shades.


Found a highlighting option for brunettes, because simple bleaching and toning of the strands will not give the image a noble look.


And in the case of bronzing, individual strands are not completely and completely highlighted, and even for a large number of tones at the same time. Delicate lighter highlights are simply placed on them.

This allows you to visually add more volume to the hairstyle.


Ombre has been a popular coloring for quite a long time and, most likely, it will remain so for quite a long time. It consists in a smooth transition between dark tips and light roots.

To begin with, the ends are lightened, and then toning. As a rule, the tips are tinted in light shades.


But lately, toning of the lightened ends in various creative colors has become popular. It can be pink and purple.


Many people confuse it with ombre. With this staining, the ends and roots are also different colors.

But, if we are talking about a transition, for example, from light brown to white, then in the ombre version there will be these two colors on the hair and a short smooth transition on the border between them.


And the degradation will look like a full-fledged gradient: light brown – gray – white.

If your hair is long, you can use not three, but four colors or more.

Dip dye

The dip-dye technique is the extreme sister of the ombre. Dip-dye is translated from English as “to dip in paint”. The hair looks like this: the colored ends are separated from the bulk of the hair by a clear border.

Dip dye

Usually bright colors are used in this technique: pink, green, purple.

In general, this coloring is for girls who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves!

Highlighting tips

  1. If you have gray hair, you will have to paint over it before highlighting it.
  2. It is not recommended to do highlighting on severely damaged hair – coloring will further increase sensitivity and dryness.
  3. On short hair, contrasting strands or ombre will look best.
  4. For straight long hair and hair of medium length, absolutely any technique is suitable. Choose what your heart desires!
  5. Ombre is not recommended for curly hair, it will look bad on curls. If you still dream about it, then get ready to straighten your hair regularly!

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