Which hair color suits me?

Blonde, brown, black or red? With a new hair color we can change our type in no time. But not every hair color suits every skin type. So do the self-test right here – and find out which color suits you best!

So that the next hair dyeing doesn’t end in a color disaster, do the self-test here:

It doesn’t always have to be the big type change: Often, slight changes in color nuances are enough to make the look fresher and younger. However, care should be taken with the color gradations, because not every shade suits every skin type – in the worst case, the new hair color makes us look pale and sallow.

Is a color change coming up or are you happy with your natural hair color? If you don’t want to color your entire hair, you can also try balayage highlights. That looks particularly natural. And the ombré look is also in high demand. You can find even more trendy coloring techniques and hair colors in the gallery:

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