which picture symbolizes happiness for you

Look at these multi-colored blots and try to determine which one you associate with a state of happiness and tranquility.

Your answer will demonstrate to you what your overall worldview is, how you react to events and circumstances beyond your control, and how much you love to take responsibility for your own life.

Rorschach test
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Rorschach test: which picture symbolizes happiness for you?

Picture 1

You look at life with incredible optimism. For you, the world is full of amazing opportunities that you can and should actively use, and this motivates you to move on. You are a joyful, smiling, friendly person who loves to communicate and receive as much new information as possible in order to keep abreast of all events. Curiosity is in your blood, and it constantly makes you dare to adventure. Persistence is also inherent in you, and that is why you manage to achieve everything that you desire. The main thing is to never lose hope.

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Picture 2

You are a creative person and want to know the world in all its diversity and diversity. Life is your constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration. You are prone to fantasy and daydreaming, but this does not mean that you are out of touch with reality, because you see and feel life to the maximum. You are sincere and open, but sometimes you are subject to intense emotions and passions. People around you consider you an easy and addictive person who quickly changes their preferences and never sits in one place.

Picture 3

You are constantly guided exclusively by your feelings and do not want to control them in any way. If you love, then passionately, if you hate, then fiercely and to the core. All your actions are dictated by the call of the heart, and you act only under the influence of your own internal impulses. You go headlong into interesting work, but you quickly lose interest in boring projects, even if they are very promising. In your life, there are only black and white tones and not a single shade of gray.

Picture 4

You are a multifaceted person who knows how to behave and how to react in any situation. You love to think and analyze, while maintaining calmness and peace of mind. You are firmly on the ground with both feet and it is extremely difficult to unsettle you. You are intelligent and interested in spiritual practices. For this reason, you try so that no external factors affect you destructively. You make every effort to determine your own life and your place in it.

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