Why you can’t yell at children

Why you can't yell at childrenQuite often, in order to achieve the desired result, adults begin to raise their voices to children. And the worst thing is that not only parents can afford such a thing, but also kindergarten teachers, school teachers and even ordinary passers-by on the street. But screaming is the first sign of powerlessness. And people screaming at a child make it worse not only for themselves, but also for the baby. Today we want to tell you why you shouldn’t yell at children, and how to behave correctly if it did happen.

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Why not – convincing arguments

Why you can't yell at childrenAll parents will probably agree that raising a child and at the same time never raising his voice to him is a very difficult task. But, nevertheless, you need to shout at children as little as possible. And this is a number of simple reasons:

  • Shout out to mom or dad only increases the irritability and anger of the baby… Both he and his parents begin to get angry, as a result, it is rather difficult for both to stop. And the result of this can be a broken psyche of the child. In the future, it will be very difficult for him to find a common language with adults;
  • Your hysterical scream can be so scare the childthat he will start to stutter. After all, raising the voice on a child acts a little differently than on an adult. This not only makes him understand that he is doing something wrong, but also very frightening;
  • The screams of the parents, which make the child feel afraid, will make the toddler hide expressions of your emotions from you… As a result, in adulthood, this can provoke sharp aggression and unjustified cruelty;
  • You cannot shout at children and in the presence of children also because at this age VThey absorb your demeanor like a sponge… And when they grow up, they will behave in the same way with you and other people.

From the above reasons, the following conclusion can be easily drawn: if you wish your children health and a happy fate, try to restrain your emotions a little, and do not raise your voice to your children.

What is the right way to behave if you still yelled at the child?

Remember – it is important not only not to raise your voice to the child, but also your further behavior, if you did it. Most often, the mother, after yelling at the baby, is cold with him for several minutes. And this is categorically wrong, because it was at this moment that the child really needs your support and caress.

If you raised your voice to a child, psychologists recommend do as follows:

  • Why you can't yell at childrenIf you fell for a kid, yelled at him, take him in your arms, try to calm him down gentle words and gentle stroking on the back;
  • If you were wrong, be sure to admit your guilt, say that you did not want to do this, and you will not do this anymore;
  • If the child was wrong, then be enough careful with caresses, in the future, the baby can start using it;
  • After yelling at the child for the cause, try do not show too much affection, because the baby must realize his guilt so that he does not do this in the future;
  • And in situations where you simply cannot restrain yourself so as not to raise your voice, you need individual approach… In such situations, experienced mothers recommend using facial expressions. For example, if the kid “has done something”, make a distressed face, frown and explain to him that this should not be done. So you will save the child’s nervous system and be able to restrain your negative emotions;
  • Why you can't yell at childrenTo reduce the frequency of raising your voice to the child, try spend more time with him… Thus, your connection with him will strengthen, and your beloved child will listen to you more;
  • If you can’t help yourself, then instead of screaming, use animal screams: bark, growl, crow, etc. This is especially helpful when you are the cause of the raising voice. Grunting a few times in public will no longer make you want to yell at your child.

In his quest to be an ideal mom, affectionate, tolerant and of a balanced character, don’t forget about yourself… In your schedule, set aside time for yourself. After all, a lack of attention and other needs provokes neurosis, as a result of which you begin to break down not only on children, but also on other family members.

Some children do not sleep well if they are often yelled at by adults.

What to do and how to behave correctly?

Having yelled at my child, I always did this, said: “Yes, I got angry and yelled at you, but this is all because …” And I explained the reason. And then she definitely added that, despite this, I LOVE him very much.

If a conflict has occurred over a matter, be sure to explain to the child what his fault is and that this should not be done. In general, try not to yell, and if you are very nervous, drink valerian more often.

Screaming is the last thing, especially if the child is small, because they still do not understand a lot. Just try to repeat to your child several times that you cannot do this, and he will begin to listen to your words.

And I never yell at a child. If my nerves are at the limit, I will go out onto the balcony or into another room and shout loudly to let off steam. Helps)))

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