Zoning the room of the parents and the child together

Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideasNot all families have the opportunity to provide a child with a separate room, but living with their parents in the same room is not an option.

How to make sure that in a one-room apartment, or in a studio apartment, there is a separate room for a child?

The content of the article:

  1. Zoning methods
  2. Important little things
  3. 9 best design ideas

Methods for zoning a small room for parents and a child

Increasingly, parents are choosing room zoning for dividing one room into spaces for parents and a child, for children of different ages, for children of different sex. To divide the room, you can use a wardrobe, a screen or a plasterboard wall.

Various ways of zoning a room:

  • Sliding doors.
  • Cabinets.
  • Screens.
  • Curtains.
  • Rack or shelves.
  • Plasterboard partition.

Let’s consider these options separately.

1. Sliding doors in the room

Choosing sliding doors for room zoning is a great idea.

Usually, the child is assigned a part of the room in which the window is located. By installing doors with translucent glass or stained-glass windows, adults will get some of the natural daylight.

Sliding doors for zoning parent and child room together

Unfortunately, inserting glass is a rather dangerous idea, children can break it and cut themselves by fragments, so it is better to choose plexiglass, plastic or plexiglass.

2. Wardrobe as a room divider

In a one-room apartment, there is a problem of placing things. If you use the cabinet as a divider, then you can solve two problems at once. Firstly, divide the room into two parts – for children and adults, and secondly – you can put a great variety of things in the closet, and this will free up a lot of space in the apartment.

Cabinet for zoning the room of parents and children together

In order to use the partition most efficiently, you can attach the shelves to the back of the cabinet, distributing the necessary little things there.

And you can also borrow one great idea from American films – to make a folding bed in the closet, which will maximize the room.

3. Screens

If there is no financial ability to install doors or a wardrobe, you can turn to a very inexpensive option – screens. Screens are sold in many stores, you can make them yourself to your taste.

Screen for zoning the room of parents and children together

The construction is a wooden frame on castors with a stretched fabric, you can choose other materials instead of fabric. This partition is very easy to fold and remove when not needed.

Many creative kids use the screen as an easel, and adults can attach posters or photographs on the back.

4. Curtains

Transparent curtains can be used to provide natural light for both children and adults. They can be attached using a ceiling cornice.

Curtains for zoning the room of parents and children together

Also, dense curtains or curtains are attached to the cornice, they can be pushed tightly at nightfall in order to achieve a clear division of the room.

5. Shelving

A rack can be used as the most functional partition dividing a room into zones. This is functional furniture.

Rack for zoning the room of parents and children together

Thanks to tall square shelves that can be filled with books, figurines and other necessary little things, the room is maximized with natural light.

The rack can be purchased at a furniture store or made yourself from drywall, plywood or plastic.

6. Plasterboard partition

Drywall is an amazing material. Many special partitions can be created from it.

Plasterboard partition for zoning the room of parents and children together

Beautiful arches, in which you can make special niches for a TV or fireplace, as well as shelves for books, will look perfect as a partition dividing a room into zones.

What is the most efficient way to arrange a parent-child room?

Despite the fact that the room in which adults and children live should be divided into zones, it remains a whole room. Therefore, the design of the room must be done in the same style… Since in the future the room can be merged again, and the partitions removed, it is impractical to make different repairs.

  • Wallpaper in the room is best selected light and with a neutral pattern. How to share a parent-child room together
  • Luminaires can be used as additional lighting for areas. This can be a designer lamp on a leg or a trendy LED spotlight that can be recessed into the ceiling or walls. One chandelier in a room is not a good idea, it is better to hang two identical ones, one in the “adult” area, the other in the “nursery” area.
  • It is best to match furniture for a divided room in the same shades. Since the room is significantly reduced during zoning, the furniture should be as functional as possible. The wardrobe can contain a folding bed or a folding ironing board. Chairs and poufs are best purchased on wheels, like a coffee table. Placing rug and large pillows on the floor in the largest area creates more space for children to play. How to arrange a parent-child room together

If a student is growing up in a family, then you can buy him a student’s corner, which is a wardrobe, a bed and a table in one. Earlier, we talked about how to properly plan and organize a student’s workplace.

Design of one room for parents and a child with zoning – 9 best ideas

To make a zoning room for adults and a child the most convenient and comfortable, you can use several ideas.

  1. All furniture must be functional. Folding chairs, beds with a drawer, wardrobes, poufs on wheels – this furniture will help you place as many little things as possible and free up room space. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  2. Lighting. The part of the room that, after the appearance of the partition, will be deprived of some of the natural light, should have additional light sources. Fluorescent lamps, ceiling spotlights, wall sconces are all usable. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  3. The design of the room should be in light, neutral colors.… It will be very ugly to cover the room with wallpaper of different shades, since sooner or later the partition can be removed. Furniture and wallpaper in the room must have an identical shade. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  4. The floor in the room should always be warm, you can lay carpets – this way you can use the extra space for children’s games. Which flooring is best for a child’s room? Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  5. The partition can be made in the form of a rack or cabinet with additional shelves… This way you can make the most of the shelves for storing the things you need and various little things. Parents can store their favorite books and figurines in the rack, and the schoolchild will place their textbooks. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  6. As long as the child is small, you need to put his crib so that it does not blow from the window, but at the same time get as much light as possible. You can also make a small podium for a crib – so young parents can easily see if their baby is sleeping or not. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  7. Curtains, which will act as a partition, should be made of dense material that can create damping so that the child does not hear the parents’ voices in the evening. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  8. For additional zoning of the room to separate adults and children, you can create canopy over the parents’ bed, and also close the bed with blackout curtains. This is so that the parents can rest during the day while the child is playing on the carpet in the room. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas
  9. The partition dividing the room into zones must be movable, so as not to interfere with cleaning, and over time it could be removed completely. Designing a parent and child room together - the best ideas

Zoning a room in a one-room apartment will help parents and child create separate rooms for a fulfilling life.

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