10 Steps to Promotion at Work – Building a Career Together!

Career growth – a completely natural process that is necessary for both the boss and the subordinate himself. But alas, even a very diligent employee often gets stuck in a career elevator. How to achieve the desired promotion and empowerment with a corresponding salary increase?

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Where to expect a promotion – career secrets

What career growth can depend on, and why does your colleague, and not you, often get a promotion prize? Understanding the forms of career advancement:

  • Career “lift” according to merit. An employee’s career development directly depends on the results of the tasks assigned, if the company evaluates the work according to the scheme “what you have worked for, you got it”. As a rule, reputable companies prescribe in detail both the time that an employee must work in a certain position before promotion, and the skills that should appear in his career “arsenal”.


  • Career “lift” according to preferences. This form of promotion can be divided into covert and overt. The first is based on certain hidden preferences, sympathies, and other emotional factors. The second, public one, is based on the professionalism and competence of the employee. The third (rare) form of preference promotion is based on “similarity” – similarity of characters, communication “on the same wavelength” or even commonality in the manner of dress. Variants 1 and 3 are rarely observed among competent and far-sighted leaders (it is not customary to interfere with sympathy and work among business people).
  • Career lift as a bonus for diligence. The term “diligence” includes not only the diligence and responsibility of the employee, but also complete obedience to his boss, agreement in everything, the obligatory accompaniment of the boss’s joke with laughter, acceptance of the boss’s side in any conflict, etc.


  • Career lift by “rank” or experience. This form of promotion is present in those companies where it is practiced to reward an employee with a promotion for “seniority” either under the guidance of one boss, or for work at the same enterprise. In this case, the one who has worked longer will go to the promotion faster. A kind of “loyalty” to the company or to the management sometimes outweighs all the merits and potential of the employee.
  • Career lift with the participation of the employee himself. If the above options were for promotion without employee intervention, then this case is the opposite. The employee is directly involved in the promotion process. Either he is offered this promotion (“can you handle it?”), Or the employee himself declares that he is “ripe” for broader powers.


10 Ways To Get A Desired Job – How To Get A Promotion At Work?

The principles of promoting a career liftfollowed by most companies:

  • Quality work. The decisive factor will be the result of your work. Your reputation, dedication to work, proven effectiveness are the criteria on the basis of which top managers will make decisions – to promote or not to promote.
  • Teamwork. Work as a team. The office is not a retreat or a place to express one’s position as a “sociopath.” Be with the team: participate in projects, self-nominate to work groups, offer help, form an opinion about yourself as a person who does everything, finds contact with everyone and develops comprehensively.


  • Never be late for work. It is better to come a few minutes earlier in the morning and go home in the evening a few minutes later than others. This will create the appearance of your “zeal” for work. Choose the very position – “goal” based on the capabilities of both the company itself and your real capabilities. “I am easy to learn” – it will not work here, you must be ready for anything.
  • Make the most of your training and professional development opportunities. If there is a need to adjust the skills already acquired, ask for help at trainings, use the possibilities of additional courses, etc. Even you yourself, let alone the management, should not doubt your qualifications.


  • Sociability. Try to be on the same wavelength with everyone – do not avoid communicating with colleagues, corporate events and meetings. You must become, if not the soul of the team, then a person whom everyone trusts and whose reliability you are sure of. That is, you must become “your own” for everyone.
  • Remember to follow the procedure. Of course, you are already known and trusted, but in addition to internal candidates, external candidates are also considered. So it doesn’t hurt to update your resume and write a cover letter. If there are rules for applying for vacancies, these rules should be strictly followed.


  • Discuss your promotion with your boss. It goes without saying that a leader must be aware of your goals and aspirations. And you may find his recommendations useful. “Heart-to-heart” conversation can lead to a promotion. Letters of recommendation from colleagues in senior positions will also be important.
  • Prepare for your interview. This is a procedure, carried out when moving from one position to another, is provided in most companies. The interview can be a defining moment in your promotion, so you should prepare for this stage well in advance.


  • Do not strive to become irreplaceable in your current position. By becoming indispensable, you will show your bosses that no one can handle your job better than you. Accordingly, no one wants to transfer you to another position – why lose such a valuable staff in this place? Therefore, continuing to give yourself one hundred percent to work, take a sponsor and teach him all the wisdom. So that if there is a prospect of promotion, you can be replaced. At the same time, be sure to take on more responsible tasks to show that you are capable of more. Demonstrate your serious approach to work and responsibility at all levels.
  • Seek contact with management. Not sycophancy and servile obedience, but honesty, directness, principled line of behavior – without participation in intrigues and collective undercover games, responsibility and other irreplaceable qualities. The management must respect you.


And don’t sit still. As you know, under a lying stone …

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