12 signs that you are inherently indigo

If you are fortunate enough to be born indigo, you may be noticeably different from the average person. It is believed that indigo are individuals with unique abilities who “arrive” on our planet with a specific mission and, most often, with the aim of improving our world.

Indigo people have a powerful intuition, think outside the box and do not particularly strive to communicate with society. And they also have common features and characteristics – and if you mark them in yourself, then it is likely that you can also be indigo in nature.


1. You learn best by doing

Indigo children, for example, do not know how to learn like everyone else. In the process of learning, you even need to treat them differently. They are uncomfortable sitting at a desk for a long time and receiving only theoretical knowledge from books.

2. You can’t stand the sight of someone else’s pain and suffering

Indigo people are incredibly empathetic and compassionate. They have a very high level of empathy, and they sympathize with all life on Earth, be it a person, an animal or an insect.

3. You are a very creative person.

Indigos are some of the most creative people in the world. It seems that they have a lot of innate knowledge and wisdom, and they are capable of more than an ordinary person. If you give them the freedom to create, they will definitely surprise you.

4. You have a very narrow social circle

Indigo people know that they don’t need to be surrounded by crowds for happiness and inner balance. They admit to themselves only those whom they fully trust, and always very carefully and scrupulously select their friends, partners and companions.

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5. You hate boundaries, rules and restrictions

Unlike the average person, indigo people do not allow anyone to limit themselves. They are not afraid to break the rules, challenge the established order of things and change everything around them. They are like a cannonball destroying a wall.

6. You are persistent and stubborn.

Indigos cannot sit back or obediently go with the flow. They are stubborn, headstrong, intractable, and also very straightforward. You cannot silence them or retreat.

7. You quickly get bored with everything

It is difficult to keep an indigo man occupied with something for a long time. These people get tired of monotonous activities rather quickly. Having satisfied their initial interest in a subject, they calm down and begin to be frankly bored.

8.You are almost impossible to manipulate

Indigo people find it difficult to instill a false sense of guilt. They know their place here on this planet and do not allow others to control or direct them in any way. They are self-sufficient and purposefully go their own way.

12 signs that you are an indigo man destined to save the world

9. You feel special

From birth, indigo people feel differently. They know they are special and this can be easily seen from their behavior. They seem to emanate completely different vibrations.

10. You prioritize your wants and needs

If indigo people need something, they just go and get what they need. They take care of themselves and their needs, do not tolerate disrespectful and dismissive treatment and will not give anything of their own voluntarily and without a fight.

11. You always rely on your intuition.

The inner voice of indigo people is so strong that they often depend on it. When this voice gives them hints, they follow them unconditionally, because they know that their intuition will never let them down.

12 signs that you are an indigo man destined to save the world

12. You are a person with unconventional and original thinking.

Don’t even try to make the indigo person think like everyone else. These people from an early age have their own way of thinking, worldview and worldview, and they cannot be influenced. They cannot be controlled from the outside.

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