Visual Rorschach test – what do you see in the picture?

Psychodiagnostician Hermann Rorschach used visual tests to analyze a person’s personality in the 1920s. His technique remains relevant and effective even today.

We suggest you take the Rorschach psychodiagnostic visual test. Just tell me what you saw first in the picture: the face of a man, a girl, or perhaps all at once? The answer will show what social position you occupy in society.

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Psychodiagnostic Rorschach test - what do you see in the picture?  The answer will show how you are in society.

Man’s face

People see you as a straightforward and strong person. You are not one of those who are afraid to speak the truth in person. Appreciate honesty, openness, and the pursuit of justice in people. You don’t like to deceive, but if the situation calls for it, go for trick and lie.

Appreciate the sense of tact in people, but this is exactly what you yourself lack. You can be rude, which then you regret. Have a good memory.

You always support and protect loved ones. You are a good diplomat. Friends value your friendship, but they are afraid of the truth, which you can tell them at any time. You are annoyed by talkers, boors and bullies.


You are a very emotional and sensual person. Love to communicate with people, share your experiences with them. Be afraid of criticism. Do not like it when they show aggression towards you. You don’t always know how to protect yourself, so you often panic in stressful situations.

In society, you take the position of someone who needs to be protected. Responsive and kind person. By nature, you are a led rather than a leading person.

If you are interested in a business, you will achieve significant success in it. The result is important to you, not the process. People are comfortable with you, as you are an easy-going person.

All at once

Oh, if in the picture you saw both the face of a man and a girl, then you are a hypersocial person! You feel comfortable in any company, you can get along with anyone.

Your main skill is the ability to negotiate with people. Nature has endowed you with the talent of an excellent psychologist. You always feel the needs of other people very accurately. Good empath and diplomat.

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