15 best books that develop speech and rhetoric: we read

Best books for developing speech and rhetoricThe number of speech turns that a first-grader owns is only 2000, a student’s reserve is about 10,000, and a professor’s is more than 50,000. In our daily life we ​​touch only a small fraction of the lexical “storerooms”, and we expand our meager vocabulary by only 1 vocabulary unit during weeks.

How can this process be accelerated? How to learn to speak beautifully? How to stop frantically picking up synonyms in your head when you want to express your thought in the most literary and intelligent way?

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The answer is simple: read the right books!

First of all, of course, we are talking about the classics, but there are also books whose task is to teach us to speak beautifully.

Your attention is a list of the best of them.

Zen in the art of book writing

Posted by Ray Bradbury.

A book that can be pulled apart into quotes. Many readers deservedly call it a literary masterpiece and the best work of the author, despite the fact that here a reader spoiled by science fiction will not find the usual genre – the book contains essays from different years, as well as real stories told by Bradbury with “notes” for beginners.

Of course, this book is primarily aimed at novice writers, but it will undoubtedly be useful to those who want to speak beautifully, because who else can learn eloquence from if not a literary genius?

The book will be useful for both adults and the younger (already thinking) generation.

How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere

How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywherePosted by Larry King.

As life shows, each of us is able to maintain a professional conversation on 1, maximum 2-3 topics in which he is able to feel like a “fish in water”. We grab everything else on the tops, trying to be more silent or nod and smile in a conversation with a serious interlocutor, perfectly “floating” in the subject.

But Larry King is able to talk about everything. And even those who have never watched his show in their lives have heard about this man. This “chatting” guide from King will be of interest to everyone, due to its applicability in absolutely all cultures and on all continents, despite the fact that all the examples given in the book are “originally from the United States.”

Black rhetoric. Power and the magic of the word

Author: Carsten Bredemeier.

This author is known as a real “pro” and even a guru in the field of human relations. Whether this is true – no one knows, but many famous people, after reading Bredemeier, exactly follow his “precepts”.

Of course, this textbook will not become a panacea for future speakers, but in combination with practice and consolidation, the material will very much help to build up your oratorical weight.

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Russian with dictionary

Author: Irina Levontina.

This bibliographic rarity is a very high-quality manual, created from articles written by authors at different times about the changes taking place in the Russian language.

Of course, like everything else in this world, language is constantly changing. But, unlike the “old” linguists, saddened by the modern impoverishment of the language, the author believes that the situation is exactly the opposite.

In the book you will find a lot of new and useful things for the development of your speech and for yourself in general, you will learn about the formation of the language and about its simplification, smile with the author (the book is written with humor and contains many personal observations of the author) and at the same time involuntarily join in the training of your own speech.

A word about words

A word about wordsAuthor: Lev Uspensky.

This author is well known to adolescents and children, but the book “The Word about Words” without a shadow of embarrassment can be read by adults too. A real literary treasury about the language in general and about our native Russian in particular.

Where do the legs of error words grow from, what letters are considered the rarest or most expensive in the world, why are there “muzyki in mov” and so on. Lev Uspensky will answer all questions in an accessible way – for mothers, fathers and teenage children.

If your life is directly related to the word, if you want to understand your history deeper, this masterpiece is for you.

I want to speak beautifully! Speech techniques

Author: Natalia Rom.

None of us were born to speak. You have to learn beautiful speech, and sometimes it is long and painful. For a speech to be convincing, not only speech turns are important, but also literacy, emotionality, the ability to captivate the listener or reader.

You need to speak not only beautifully and clearly, but also legibly and expressively. The speaker’s task is not just to keep the listener’s attention, but to make him fall silent while inhaling and with his mouth open with admiration, even if the listener does not share the speaker’s views.

Natalia Rom will teach you how to control your speech and voice.

Kamasutra for the speaker

Author: Radislav Gandapas.

Naturally, the name is a kind of provocation and publicity stunt. But not only! The author also put into the title the idea that everything that is done with pleasure must simply be crowned with success.

In addition, the author draws some analogies (with examples), proving that the connection between the speaker and his audience is an almost intimate phenomenon. Radislav Gandapas will teach you not only the correct manner of communication, but also tell you how to get rid of trembling knees “on the podium”, keep the attention of your listeners and deal with eye contact.

This “Kama Sutra” will be especially useful for people who often have to communicate with people, speak at seminars, make presentations, etc.

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You can agree on everything!

Posted by Gavin Kennedy.

A real must have for all adults (and not only!) People! The book presented in accessible language for all “negotiators”: all the nuances of negotiation processes, tactics, mistakes, examples, tasks from the author.

Even if you don’t start to speak beautifully, you will begin to speak convincingly.

Secrets of good speech

Secrets of good speechAuthors: I.B. Golub and D.E. Rosenthal.

Many generations have grown up on the benefits of these authors. And a considerable number of journalists and philologists have grown from these generations.

In this textbook, professionals in their field help you get rid of mistakes and speak correctly, no matter how old you are or what your level of training.

The book is created in an entertaining way, so you can not tune in to “boring reading”, but enjoy good literature, memorizing the main techniques of public speaking.

The development of a child’s vocabulary: a study guide

Author: S. Plotnikova.

This book is most often advised for reading by future teachers, but it will also be very interesting for parents if they want to instill in the child the habit of speaking beautifully and correctly.

Here you will find not only an analysis of the main speech problems in children, but also ways of developing speech.

The word alive and dead

Author: Nora Gal.

An excellent “textbook”, republished more than once in more than 40 years. A book that does not lose its relevance and relevance.

How to get rid of verbal rubbish, and where to go for vocabulary are the most pressing problems of speakers and their solution in a book that is irreplaceable and exciting.

Almost a reference book for translators, but no less useful for people of other professions related to the word.

From Adam’s apple to the apple of discord

Author: Vadim Khrappa.

The question “what to read to broaden your horizons” sounds more and more often today. And just as often, among the useful answers you come across advice “to read dictionaries”.

But, for example, etymological dictionaries, although very useful, but (and no one will argue with this) are still boring. Therefore, Vadim Khrappa decided to study it himself and collect his most interesting notes into a book.

About the mistakes that we make, about complex and strange phraseological units, about how to use certain expressions correctly – in this interesting (as opposed to a dictionary) manual.

Russian language on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Russian language on the verge of a nervous breakdownAuthor: Maxim Krongauz.

Language is changing as rapidly as we are. Alas, it is becoming scarce and overgrown with new words, from which many of us wrinkle our noses – swear words, jargon and various borrowings, they irritate and awaken the desire to talk about the “lost generation”, “the death of the language”, etc.

An author who knows the topic at the professional level, gracefully and with humor, will help you answer the main questions and awaken a true interest in the Russian language.

A really useful book that will give you many pleasant minutes and the right thoughts.

Alive as life

Author: Korney Chukovsky.

Everyone who read this book for the first time was surprised by the fact that the great Soviet writer, it turns out, was famous not only for fairy tales for children. The book appeared at the time of the linguistic “bureaucracy”, and it is by no means about Moidodyr.

The writer saw his native language pure and beautiful, and fell into a rage if someone distorted the beautiful Russian speech nearby, actively used “cliches” or sinned interspersed with foreign words in his monologue.

Chukovsky will tell you about the history of the language, explain what “foreign language” is in Russian speech, and why it will never fit into our language, relieve you of bad language habits.

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