20 years love story by Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic

Some people don’t believe in strong and lasting alliances because they didn’t have the right role models as they grew up. The thought of marriage even scares them, but everything can change dramatically when they meet “their” person.

47-year-old actor Christian Bale was just one of those people. However, in 2020 he married the model Sibi Blazhich (she is 4 years older than Bale), the couple had two children and are still inseparable.

Acquaintance and swift marriage

Christian and Sibi shy away from all sorts of publicity, but whenever the actor talks about his soul mate, with whom he worked in the first part of “Batman” in 2004, there is overt admiration in his words:

“My wife drove one of the police cars when she chased me around town in the Batman. Yes, she is a stuntman and can do difficult stunts. To be honest, she even scares me with it. “

However, they did not meet so extreme. When they first met in 1999, Sibi was working as personal assistant to Winona Ryder, Bale’s girlfriend and co-star in Little Women. Love between them broke out almost instantly, and in January 2020, the couple went to Las Vegas to get married.

“Everyone in my family is divorced, so I had no idea of ​​a strong marriage,” the actor said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2012. “Then I met Sibi, and the thought of my own family seemed like a great idea to me.”

The spouses also take privacy very seriously:

“Sibi loves being closed. And, of course, I support her in this … In fact, we have a wonderful personal life, – Christian Bale confessed to Us Weekly. “She is by far the strongest woman I have ever met.”

Secrets of a strong family and successful parenting

The actor embodies very vivid characters on the screen, but in life he is a quiet and family man who is incredibly proud of his family. In 2005, he and Sibi had a daughter, Emmaline, and in 2014, a son, Joseph.

Back in 2010, Bale shared his fatherly emotions with Us Weekly:

“The last few years of my life I have spent only watching cartoons with my daughter and I enjoyed it. I love everything that she loves. If she likes something, then I like it too. I love to sit next to her when she watches the movie. Yes, we watch children’s films with the whole family. ”

The actor admires Emmaline no less than his wife:

“I became that crazy dad who can talk about his daughter endlessly, but I don’t really want people to know about these purely family moments.”

Insiders constantly confirm that Christian and Sibi “A very supportive couple”… They were incredibly happy when they had their second child. During this period, Seabee and the kids were always with Bale both on set and during promotional tours to promote his films. The actor is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, and of course he is accompanied by his wife and their children.

During their life together, Christian Bale had to play a variety of roles in films, and he admits that this has a positive impact on their relationship:

“Sibi has had to be married to a lot of different characters of mine, and some women might say, ‘Variety in life is great.’ And I know that without Sibi I would not have achieved this. I owe everything to her. “

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