2022 mascots for every zodiac sign

Each year has its own vibrations and its own energy, therefore talismans for this period may be different. Explore what works best for your zodiac sign for the coming year in order to choose a talisman or amulet that will most effectively protect and guide you, help you achieve your goals, and also attract good luck, luck and abundance.

COLADY presents mascots for 2022 for all zodiac signs.

Talisman for Aries – Key

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @charmofmetal

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It guarantees good luck and protection and opens up new paths for you. The key is also associated with wealth and liberation from constraints, and it is also a powerful element that can eliminate negative external influences. Having a symbolic key with you is an effective way to more actively move forward and implement everything that was conceived.

The key can be silver, gold, steel, aluminum, or other materials (not plastic). Carry it with you in your wallet or as a necklace.

Other Aries talismans for 2022: Gems like diamond, jasper, ruby, and quartz crystals can help you maintain balance, harmony and good humor, prevent frustration and improve your personal life.

Talisman for Taurus – Crescent

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @ dagsuvenir05

Talismans and amulets in the shape of a crescent are recommended for Taurus. This symbol reflects any bad energy, and also protects against adverse situations and financial instability. Rebirth, renewal, immortality and femininity are the characteristics of the crescent moon. If you have a need for deeper introspection and connection with the subconscious, it is the Moon that illuminates the path to knowledge for you.

You can wear this talisman as a piece of jewelry (pendant, bracelet). It should be made of precious metal, copper, bronze or amber.

Other Taurus talismans for 2022: Jade, Rose Quartz and Coral stones are great energy allies for your sign, giving you abundance, fertility, protection and good luck.

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Talisman for Gemini – Owl

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @ fashionarea8

These are birds symbolizing wisdom, intelligence, as well as mystery and intuition, as they are nocturnal animals and are associated with the moon. In various cultures and ancient myths, the owl was considered an oracle and bearer of occult knowledge, endowed with the power of clairvoyance.

You can purchase an owl statuette (especially a silver one) that will work as a powerful protective amulet, but it should be placed as high as possible so that the owl can observe the space of the room. A small owl (preferably made of precious metals) can be worn, for example, in beads, earrings and bracelets.

Other Gemini talismans for 2022: Stones like agate, topaz, tiger’s eye will have special power for your sign and can be used to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

Cancer Talisman – Turkish Eye

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @isida_braslet

A powerful talisman, the Turkish (or Greek) eye of Nazar, will become your companion in 2022. It dispels envy and the evil eye and has the ability to absorb negative energy. The Turkish eye not only provides protection but also works on your more intuitive side. It gives clarity of mind and makes you more attentive and careful.

Nazar is a real defense against bad energy and brings peace and tranquility when hung indoors or worn as a personal accessory.

Other Cancer talismans for 2022: Also keep stones such as pearls, opal and minerals with a star effect (asterism) close at hand, as they have the ability to promote health and state of mind, and also attract love.

Talisman for Leo – Chinese dragon

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @ art.provence

This symbol will bring pleasant and positive changes in 2022. The serpent, one of the five sacred animals of feng shui, represents the chi energy that moves and energizes everything around. The snake never rests and is always ready to act in any situation. As a talisman, it gives its owner protection and good luck. Besides the serpent, Lions can also choose the Chinese dragon. The dragon is also a sacred animal in feng shui, and it is a symbol of strength and good fortune, attracting this energy to your home or office.

You can place the serpent and dragon figurines where you are most active throughout the day. In addition, such talismans are effective in the form of pendants.

Other talismans for Leo for 2022: Sunstone and Onyx are recommended for this sign; they provide protection, ward off negative influences and help their wearer to be more patient and restrained.

Talisman for Virgo – Turkish eye

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @xena_guide_ist

The mascot of Virgins for 2022 will also be the Turkish eye. This ancient symbol of deep blue is believed to neutralize the negative effects of the evil eye. When used indoors, in jewelry or accessories, the Turkish eye has the ability to absorb negative energy, neutralizing envy and bad emotions. It also enhances concentration and even clairvoyance.

The Turkish eye can be hung in a room or used as a personal decoration when protection should be more directed towards its owner.

Other Virgo talismans for 2022: Together with the Turkish eye, Virgo can use stones such as turquoise, carnelian and opal to promote health and protect against negative energies.

Talisman for Libra – Sun

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @lady_vintage_jewelry

It symbolizes light, power, knowledge and brings hope and strength to Libra to overcome obstacles. In 2022, the Sun will help this sign make decisions, look for answers to questions and constantly remind them of the need to stand firm and believe that the best is yet to come.

Made of silver, gold or bronze, this symbol can be worn in personal body jewelry or as an optional accessory. You can even put a talisman like this in the back of your wallet.

Other Libra talismans for 2022: sapphire, emerald and rose quartz may benefit your sign; they help develop creativity, make good decisions, and be persistent and persuasive.

Talisman for Scorpio – Gold

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Pexels Photos

This metal is associated with enlightenment, knowledge, immortality and divine power. When gold is used as an amulet, it becomes a powerful protector against negativity, gives clarity of mind, speeds up the resolution of difficult situations, and also motivates people to take action.

To feel this energy in your life, wear real gold jewelry. These can be earrings, rings, bracelets or a chain with a pendant. When such a talisman comes into contact with your body, you can mentally imagine what you want.

Other talismans for Scorpio for 2022: Use stones such as beryl or onyx to attract abundance, increase concentration and make good decisions.

Talisman for Sagittarius – Bay leaf

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Pexels Photos

Laurel symbolizes recognition, fame and prosperity, and the properties of laurel extend even to its soothing pleasant scent. Bay leaves bring peace of mind, promote abundance and prosperity, and help you achieve your goals. Laurel is also very powerful against the evil eye and protects you from negative energies.

Always carry a bay leaf in your wallet or purse for more inner balance, peace of mind, and luck.

Other Sagittarius Talismans for 2022: To maintain health and avoid disease in 2022, always carry stones such as amethyst, turquoise and azurite with you.

Talisman for Capricorn – Birch

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo by Pixabay

It may seem a little unusual, but for Capricorn, a birch leaf is an ideal amulet. It helps clear energy and also protects by repelling negativity from people and the environment. Moreover, this tree and its leaves attract luck and good fortune.

Birch is usually associated with Mother Nature, it helps to get rid of problems from the past and reminds that the time has come for renewal. So keep the birch leaf close to you, in your purse, purse or wallet, so that it protects you and attracts something new, favorable and positive to you.

Other Capricorn talismans for 2022: stock up on onyx, pearls and sapphire to attract abundance, strength and good people; these stones keep negative and evil personalities away from you.

Talisman for Aquarius – Pyramid

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance

This is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and the power of life over death, it is the personification of harmony and divine forces. Such a talisman gives more determination and perseverance to achieve all goals, it contributes to the rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

One of the most common uses for the pyramid is with pendants or other personal accessories. The pyramid can also be placed indoors, since it is able to capture and accumulate all positive energy, and then transmit it to people.

Other Aquarius talismans for 2022: You will need crystals of quartz, garnet and agate, as they help to maintain and strengthen any relationship, as well as help control emotions.

Talisman for Pisces – Pisces

2022 mascots for every zodiac sign that will attract good luck and abundance
Photo @ elena3404novikova

For this sign, the fish that represent them will become an amulet. Although the symbolism of fish is often associated with Christianity, in ancient times such an amulet was used to improve fertility, for protection and good luck. Pisces are associated with strength and endurance, they swim against the current, which means they help people in the fight against life’s obstacles. Courage, resilience and tenacity are their characteristics.

For the amulet to interact with you as effectively as possible, wear it as a pendant in any jewelry to attract happiness, prosperity, abundance and love.

Other Pisces talismans for 2022: For balance, calmness and understanding, especially during difficult periods, use coral and amethyst.

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