25 wise Sadhguru quotes on spirituality

In our time, with a boom in self-development, one can hear about spirituality at every step: “I am developing spiritually,” “These are spiritual practices,” “Spiritual and bodily are strongly connected,” and so on. Of course, we are already accustomed to this word, which refers us to something high, enlightened, correct.

But think about it: do you really understand what spirituality is? To check this, I propose to turn to someone who has dedicated his life to the spiritual improvement of himself and other people.

I would like to present to your attention amazing quotes from the sage and yogi Sadhguru, which are sure to challenge your notions of spirituality. Perhaps you perceived the concept and term “spirituality” in a completely different light. Think about it!

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  • Spirituality has nothing to do with the atmosphere in which you live. It has to do with the atmosphere that you create within yourself.
  • Don’t think that spirituality means a pleasant and peaceful life. Spirituality means thinking, analyzing and doubting all the time.
  • Spirituality means that you are not trying to find an explanation for your inner stupidity – you are ready to admit it.
  • Spirituality is not an alien concept, it is the essence of human existence.
  • It is not necessary to retire in a mountain cave to become a spiritual person. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do in life. The spiritual process has nothing to do with the outside world – it is what happens inside you.
  • Spirituality is not about becoming special, but about becoming one with the world.
  • In the name of spirituality, some people choose the easy option – escape from reality and hallucinations.
  • Each person is spiritual in his own way. It’s just that some people for some reason consider themselves the chosen ones.
  • Spirituality is awareness of the limits of your potential and possibilities.
  • Spirituality is neither a psychological nor a social process – it is 100% a process of your development or evolution.
  • Spirituality means bringing your life to the highest level of efficiency.
  • Spirituality is not a limitation, it is a phenomenal empowerment in life.
  • Spirituality is imperative for people in power because their every thought, emotion, and action affects many other lives.
  • The spiritual process is not your thoughts and emotions, it is when the feeling of life inside you becomes the most important moment.
  • The spiritual process is not about waiting for the moment to go to heaven someday. This is the knowledge of life in all its manifestations.
Photo @sadhguru
  • The most basic component of spirituality is that you move from the psychological, social and physical aspects to a full awareness of the importance and value of life.
  • The spiritual process is not a step backwards. This is a step forward to the place where others have yet to reach.
  • Taking the path of spirituality means understanding that the source of your problems and the source of your well-being are within you.
  • There is nothing that is not spiritual. Everything is spiritual, but you are not aware of everything yet.
  • Everything is spiritual if you are aware of it. And if you do not realize this, then everything is material for you.
  • The pursuit of spirituality comes to you only when you resist the thought of death.
  • The goal of spirituality is to push people to reach their maximum potential – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Spiritual process means to be always in motion and cognition. Peace of mind will come when you “rest in peace.”
  • Spirituality is not a moral science. Spirituality is about improving your life.
  • Spirituality is “the highest category of greed.” You don’t just need creation – you need the source of creation.

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