5 best Art Visage products – makeup artist review

Art Visage cosmeticsArt Visage is a Russian manufacturer of budget cosmetics, which has many worthy products. Some of them are loved not only by regular users, but also by makeup artists. The combination of quality and reasonable price is what makes the products of this brand popular and valuable.

I have compiled a list of my favorite Art Visage products.

Eyebrow Gel Art Visage

This product securely fixes the eyebrows in the direction you want. Its effect lasts for at least six hours.

The texture is quite thick. The package is equipped with a convenient brush, the width of which is ideal for working with eyebrows.

Eyebrow Gel Art Visage

In addition to the classic transparent version, the gel is presented in several shades, among which there are tones for blonde girls, redheads and brunettes. Such tint gels help girls whose eyebrows lack pigment. The color is evenly distributed over the hairs and creates the effect of tinted eyebrows.

If it seems to youthat the color is missing somewhere, then using a beveled prickly brush, scoop a part of the product onto it and apply to the area with a gap.

But personally, I prefer to add color to the eyebrows with other products, for example, shadows or a liner, and use the gel for its intended purpose – directly to fix the hairs.

Gel cost: from 120 rubles

Marker for eyebrows Art Visage

This miracle tool will allow you to accurately and accurately draw the missing hairs on the eyebrows.

The Art Visage eyebrow liner has a fine felt tip that can be used for a very long time: it does not dry out and does not clog. The product will serve you faithfully until it runs out.

Marker for eyebrows Art Visage

However, the expense of the product is small, since it allows you to make super-durable eyebrow makeup: the felt-tip pen will last longer than a day. And, although I recommend washing off the makeup daily, because it is also important for the eyebrow skin to take a break from cosmetics, I still cannot help but note this really good durability.

The liner does not contain in its composition of alcohol, so it does not dry the skin.

It is available in three shades: for blondes, redheads and brunettes.

Cost of funds: 250 rubles

Important! Store the felt-tip pen horizontally for even longer service life.

Concealer Art Visage

According to the manufacturer, the creamy texture with an easy-to-spot brush will help hide traces of fatigue on your face, make fine wrinkles, vascular mesh and other skin imperfections invisible.

Reflective fillers of the latest generation, which are part of the corrector, provide a soft-focus effect, mineral pigments – all this perfectly masks pigmentation.

Concealer Art Visage

It has antibacterial and other beneficial effects, thanks to its constituent components: fermented green tea seed oil, magnolia extract, zinc salt.

Product cost: 200 rubles

Long-lasting foundation Art Visage

One of the few budget tonal creams that is really able to stay on the skin for a long time.

Of course, being stable, it has a dense texture. At the same time, he does not create a mask effect on the face, which is very important.

Foundation Art Visage

This foundation must be applied to the face, after warming it up in the palms of your hands. In this case, it will become more plastic and better distributed over the skin of the face.

The cream contains vitamin E.

As a bonus, the cream has an insignificant sun protection factor: SPF 6. This is not its main advantage, but a pleasant addition.

Cost: 300 rubles for a volume of 25 ml

Gel eyeliner Art Visage

Gel eyeliner is the most durable option for shooters. And this option is present among Art Visage cosmetics.

Moreover, the eyeliner is available in several shades, including black, purple and green.

Gel eyeliner Art Visage

It is very convenient that a thin brush is included with it, because without it the arrow cannot be drawn with this tool. The eyeliner is very flexible and thick, quickly hardens and gives a thin and rich line.

If a mistake was made during application, it is urgent to erase it with a cotton swab and draw the line again, otherwise the product will freeze. It is well removed from the eyelids with a two-phase liquid, which contains oil.

Using it is unacceptable to leave the lid open: the product can dry out faster and become unusable.

Price: 290 rubles

Glossy Lip Gloss with Brush Art Visage

For an inexpensive product, costing only 180 rubles, gloss has good characteristics.

Glossy Lip Gloss with Brush Art Visage

He has a rich range of shades, there are both gentle and bright colors. The gloss visually adds volume to the lips and increases them.

The large volume of the product allows you to use it for a long time. The convenient brush allows you to evenly distribute it on the lips.

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