How to respond to insults beautifully and witty: 12 ways

The French say that some people are strong with a “ladder mind”, that is, they are able to come up with a decent response to an insult only after the end of the dialogue, when they leave the house of the person who insulted them and being on the stairs. It’s a shame when the right phrases come after the conversation is over. If you consider yourself just such people who are not able to quickly give a witty answer, you will come in handy tips on how to respond beautifully to an insult.

insults responses and reactions

So, here are 12 ways to put the abuser in place:

  1. In response to an offensive line, say, “I am not surprised by your words. Rather, it would surprise me if you said something really reasonable. I hope that sooner or later such a moment will come ”;
  2. Looking at the offender with a thoughtful look, say: “The wonders of nature sometimes shock me. For example, now I am amazed at how a person with such low intelligence was able to live up to your age ”;
  3. To end the conversation, say, “I’m not going to respond to the insult. I think that in time life itself will make you answer for them ”;
  4. When addressing another person who is with you and the abuser, say: “I recently read that by insulting others for no reason, a person takes out his psychological complexes and compensates for failure in other areas of life. We can discuss this: I think we have a very interesting specimen before us ”;
  5. You can use this phrase: “It’s sad when insults are the only way to assert yourself. Such people look very pitiful ”;
  6. Sneeze and say, “I’m sorry. I’m just allergic to such nonsense ”;
  7. For each offensive remark, say: “So what?”, “So what?” After some time, the offender’s fuse will subside;
  8. Ask: “Did your parents ever tell you that they were ashamed of your upbringing? It means that they are hiding something from you ”;
  9. Ask the abuser how his day went. When he is surprised by your question, say, “Usually people act like they’ve been thrown off the chain after some kind of trouble. What if I can do something to help you “;
  10. In response to insults, wish the person good luck and happiness. This should be done as sincerely as possible, smiling and looking straight into the eyes. Most likely, the abuser who does not expect such a reaction will be discouraged and will not be able to continue to offend you;
  11. Look bored and say, “I’m very embarrassed to interrupt your monologue, but I have more important things to do. Tell me please, are you finished or do you want to demonstrate your stupidity for a while? “;
  12. Ask: “What do you think, is it true that the more cowardly and weaker a person is, the more aggressive he is? I think you have something to say about this. “

Reacting to verbal aggression can be tricky. You cannot give vent to emotions and stoop to mutual insults: this will only incite the aggressor. Remain calm and don’t be afraid to improvise. And then the last word will certainly be yours.

Do you know a cool way to respond to an insult?

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