8 ways to emphasize your waist, even if it isn’t

Even today in the 21st century, when the standards of beauty continue to constantly change, one feature of a woman’s appearance invariably remains attractive and continues to be considered an ideal. This is the coveted “hourglass” possessed by such recognized beauties as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and supermodels of the 90s.

And no matter what type of figure and appearance is in fashion, girls continue to strive for a thin, pronounced waist, combined with smooth curves. Unfortunately, not everyone has such data from nature, but there are many ways to find an “hourglass” in a matter of minutes using the right clothes.

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1. Fluffy skirts

Fluffy skirts in New Look style are a lifesaver for owners of all types of figures. For girls who are embarrassed by prominent hips, this style will help to hide extra pounds and disguise problem areas, and for those who, on the contrary, want to add femininity to themselves, a fluffy skirt will create the necessary volume in the right places, imitating an “hourglass”.

Bouffant skirts
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2. Wide belt

Wide belts are back in fashion again, and they should be taken into account by those ladies who dream of a thin waist. A correctly selected belt will play into the hands of both slender girls and full ones. You can choose it according to the principle of contrast, in order to designate the waistline and visually narrow this place, or in order to tighten the problem area, and here it is better to choose corset belts that are perfect for those who want to instantly lose several kilograms.

Wide belt
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3. Corsage dresses

If you do not have a thin waist, but really want to shine, then feel free to choose a dress with a bodice, which will literally fashion the silhouette you need with perfect smooth lines. The dense fabric and rigid frame will not only create beautiful proportions, but also allow you not to worry about a bulging tummy or unnecessary folds. The only caveat is that such a dress is not suitable for every day, it will only be appropriate at relevant events.

Corsage dresses
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4. Wrap dresses

A very convenient and practical option for creating a graceful silhouette is a wrap dress. Its cut is beneficial from the point of view that, on the one hand, it visually stretches the figure, making it more slender, and on the other, it creates the correct proportions. Corpulent girls should pay special attention to fitted dresses with a smell, since it is this style that looks most beneficial on them and helps to hide all the imperfections of the figure.

Wrap Dresses
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5. Draping and flounces on the hips

Skinny girls often need extra volume and here they can come to the rescue of a variety of draperies, shuttlecocks and other details. Choose dress styles with well-placed accents, creating the right volume in those places where it is lacking.

Drape and flounces on the hips
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6. Basques

Another way to add volume to the hips and thereby visually define the waist is with a peplum. Things with a peplum look especially advantageous on girls with such types of figures as a rectangle and an inverted triangle, as they create the illusion of rounded and feminine shapes. But for magnificent ladies, contrary to the common stereotype, dresses and skirts with a peplum are not suitable, as they visually make the figure heavier.

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7. Fitted jackets

Not only dresses, but also other wardrobe elements can work favorably on your figure: if necessary, such a thing as a jacket can also “make” the waist. When heading to the office or for a business meeting, try on a fitted jacket for an hourglass effect. It is important that its texture is dense and rigid enough to keep its shape and correct the silhouette.

Fitted Jackets 7
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8. Contrasting details and prints

A great way to change your proportions and visually narrow your waist without extra effort is to use optical illusions in the form of contrasting inserts and well-chosen prints. These can be inserts made of a different material or a different color, located in the waist area, or a print imitating narrowing in the required place.

Contrasting details and prints
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