ASICS GEL-DS Racer 9 half marathon shoes. Shoes for fast running.

Asthenics are the most enduring in comparison with NORMOSTENIKS, and HYPERSTENIKS, and the most suitable for Stayer running and amateur boxing in light weights, ehh It’s a pity that I’m not ASTENIK but NORMOSTENIK, I would very much like to be a high-level amateur runner, I even once took offense at Parents that I do not have an Asthenic type of physique, but then over time I realized WHAT IS NOT GIVEN BY GOD AND NATURE, THIS IS NOT TO PASS SO DESTINY ORDERED IT, I AM NOT CREATED FOR STAYER’S FAST RUN I look more like a Fighter than a runner. when I sometimes go to the gym to keep my muscles in good shape, I see skinny boys who look like an ideal trainee and want to build muscle and be jocks, I laugh at them, and I always suggest that they do better running, with their fast metabolism, and constitution, to build up a couple of kilos of Meat, it will take years of training, and then if it works out! And it’s all the same that Kachku run fast long distances! one thing – uselessness, but many do not understand this!

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