Aswad Ayinde Net Worth

Aswad Ayinde, a notorious sexual predator, had a long and successful career as a music video producer. His sexual history is more problematic than his net worth. While his career in the music video business was stellar, he raped his daughter Aziza Kibibi as she was only eight years old. This exploitation of children led to many of the couple’s children dying prematurely from inbreeding. Ayinde is currently serving a prison sentence after pleading guilty to child molestation and assault.

Ayinde’s children were raped in his home during the early 2000s. Authorities were notified after a series of violent acts and a failed abduction attempt. Ayinde was eventually arrested for kidnapping and pleaded guilty to assault and child endangerment. He received a year of probation, which he served. Although his net worth is relatively small, it’s significant that he has been convicted of several crimes.

In addition to sex crimes, Aswad Ayinde has also had extramarital affairs. He was accused of having several mistresses, and of sexually abusing five daughters. His net worth has been impacted by the scandals surrounding his past. His net worth is not yet available but the ‘notorious predator sexually’ is still making a respectable income.

Before the controversy surrounding his family, Aswad was a respected music director from New Jersey. His most well-known work was his 1996 music clip for “Killing Me Softly”, which was a Fugees song. The scandal that ensnared him however, was not unexpected. Aziza Kibibi, a former student of his, was sexually abused by the director and later testified against him in court. Aziza was raped at the age of eight. Ayinde has been involved in other abuses of his daughters for over 30 years.

Aziza Kibibi, a former sex slave of Aswad Ayinde, is an activist, television personality, and life coach. Her father abused her as a child and raped her frequently. Aswad Ayinde’s rape of his daughters pushed her to seek help for herself. She survived and is now married with her husband.

The sexual assault of his daughters made Aswad Ayinde’s net worth a controversial topic. In a 2011 trial, Aswad Ayinde was found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter at eight years of age. He also had four more children with his second daughter. His ex-wife, his daughter, and two of his daughters were left with nothing but debt.

Aziza was infertile from Aswad, and never had an abortion. He had many mistresses, and he was not married to any of them. Aziza’s children were denied modern medical care. They were treated at home and Aswad delivered them. Two of Aziza‚Äôs children were affected by phenylketonuria, a condition that prevents the body breaking down amino acids. This can lead to seizures and brain damage. Unfortunately, both died at a young age.

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