Beauty makeup fashion trends in 2020

Fashion is changeable and fickle. From year to year, the beauty industry continues to amaze us with unusual makeup trends. What techniques should the ladies take on board in the coming year?

Makeup Trends in 2020

Natural makeup

If you think that the image a la nature is already a thing of the past, then you are greatly mistaken. Natural thick eyebrows, minimum of decorative cosmetics and a slight glow of the skin will be relevant for a very long time. However, nude makeup and no makeup are not the same thing.

You should not give up foundation if you are not the owner of perfect skin. It will not be superfluous to emphasize the beauty of the lips and highlight the cheekbones with a highlighter.

Matte brown eyeshadow

Brown shades on the eyes echo the already existing trend for naturalness. If in previous seasons bronze and golden shadows were in fashion, now makeup artists prefer matte and more natural pigments

For a trendy look, match your eyeshadow color with your lipstick color. Brown, terracotta and beige tones will suit girls with any face color type.

Pink makeup

Shades of red and pink always inspire a romantic mood. In 2020, pink makeup will be at its peak. This trend will certainly appeal to young girls: pink color best emphasizes youth and freshness of the skin.

For a fashionable look, just a couple of accents will be enough, for example, on the eyes and on the cheeks.

Pink makeup

Lips like cherry

Cherry lipstick – the favorite of the upcoming season. Lip makeup can be done with matte or glossy lipstick, gloss, tint and even pencil. There are no restrictions here. The main thing is not to make the lip contour too clear. Slightly blurred borders will help create the effect of “kissed” lips.

Arrows as accent

If in 2018-19 make-up artists tried to use neat cat arrows in makeup, now you can give free rein to imagination. Volumetric graphical arrows of an unusual shape will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

Any color is allowed, from deep black to bright yellow. For everyday make-up, this option, of course, will not work, but at a party your image will not go unnoticed.

Kiss the sun

Freckles confidently became fashionable and are not going to leave us until the end of next year. A scattering of brown spots on the face and neck makes the image naive, even a little childish. If nature has not endowed you with freckles, feel free to draw them with a liner, pencil or henna.

“Spider legs”

Before glued cilia were considered bad manners, but now they are a key detail of the fashionable image of 2020.

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To achieve the desired effect, paint over the eyelashes in several layers. Pay special attention to the tufts on the lower eyelids. If you want to make your makeup even more extravagant, replace the black mascara with a colored one.

Light eyebrows

In 2020, eyebrows remain thick and fluffy, but with one difference. Now you do not have to constantly tint your hairs, because they are gradually becoming fashionable bleached eyebrows… The trend looks interesting and unusual.

If you have naturally light eyebrows, then a styling gel or wax will be enough for a full-fledged make-up. Dark eyebrows are lightened with paint or light shadows.

Silvery shine

The cool metallic glow will be relevant not only in clothes, but also in makeup. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – silvery smokey or arrows – you will always be in trend.

And in order for the metallic shine to last longer on the skin, use make-up bases that extend the durability of cosmetics.

Bright shadows

If you are not a fan of nude makeup, then 2020 is definitely yours.

Bright makeup

At the height of fashion, there will be colored eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras. In this case, it is not necessary to be limited to one palette. Mix colors, experiment and look for interesting combinations!

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