Best glue for eyelash extension

The best permanent adhesives for eyelash extension - 5 brands in the ratingEyelash extensions have become very popular lately, as it gives expressiveness to the look. But, in order to beautifully attach the cilia at home, you need a special glue developed for just such a procedure. But choosing high-quality glue is not so easy, because you can stumble upon a fake, or poor quality glue, which will lead to disastrous consequences in the form of irritation and redness of the eyes. Therefore, you need to choose only proven products from reliable manufacturers.

In the independent rating we present you 5 brands of permanent eyelash glue.

Please note that the assessment of funds is subjective and may not coincide with your opinion.

The rating was compiled by the editors of the magazine

Best long lasting adhesives for eyelash extensions


Today, the cosmetic market is especially in demand for products that are produced by South Korea.

This eyelash extension glue is durable. The tool is available in a wide range – manufacturers offer not only any type of glue, but also of different consistency. There are products of increased resistance, hypoallergenic, for natural and artificial eyelashes.

Long lasting glue for eyelash extension MACY

The composition contains exclusively natural ingredients that do not irritate the eyes and eyelids. The glue dries instantly – and lasts up to six weeks.

Cons: the only drawback of the tool can be called only the high price.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

This resistant transparent adhesive from an American company has been produced for over forty years, and regularly occupies a leading position among cosmetic products.

It is presented in two versions: for individual eyelashes – and for eyelash bundles.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

The product does not cause allergic reactions, lasts a very long time and is water-repellent. It also dries instantly, holds lashes securely – and is easy to use.

Cons: has a rather liquid structure and not a very pleasant aroma.


Another product designed for eyelash extension is glue from a South Korean company. It is suitable for absolutely everyone: both for professional makeup artists and for home use.

The main advantages of the glue are ease of use, instant fixing of eyelashes and excellent consistency. The period during which the cilia hold is up to five weeks.

I-Beauty Long Lasting Eyelash Extension Glue

In addition, this product has a pleasant aroma, does not cause allergies and irritation, is very economical and easy to apply from the very first time.

Cons: the cost is above average, no other drawbacks were found in the glue.

Salon perfect

This product is presented by an American manufacturer, it is an excellent quality eyelash extension glue.

It is absolutely harmless to the eyes, does not cause allergies and any discomfort, it is intended for both single and bunched eyelashes.

Salon Perfect Long Lasting Eyelash Extension Glue

A very convenient tube allows you to use the product very economically, the glue dries in just a couple of minutes. Each eyelash is securely fixed – and lasts a long time.

The glue has an excellent structure and low price, and the composition does not contain harmful components.

Cons: consumers claim that this tool has no drawbacks.


Another long-lasting cosmetic product for eyelash extension is glue from a Korean company. Its main difference is its excellent quality, instant adhesion and excellent wear resistance, which allows the lashes to hold for more than a month.

Fixes any eyelashes: natural, synthetic and silk.

Long lasting glue for eyelash extension SKY

Available in two types of bottles: 5 ml and 10 ml. Does not cause allergies, irritation and redness of the eyelids and eyes, has a very pleasant structure, is easy to use and gives expressiveness to the look.

Cons: not suitable for home use, only for salons.

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