Business style of clothing for girls with a plus-size figure

Office style has long ceased to be something boring and impersonal and has turned into a way of self-expression for modern business women. But how is it profitable to present yourself, hide all the flaws and at the same time look relevant and stylish, if you are the owner of magnificent forms and outstanding advantages? The expert Colady told about how to dress in the office for girls of the plus category.

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Something about a fat girl’s wardrobe base

The base for a curvy girl’s business wardrobe includes a classic set of essential things:

  • shirt;
  • jeans;
  • pantsuit;
  • pencil skirt.

A base is compiled taking into account the characteristics of its figure.

First of all, all things should be selected with the expectation that a small space remains between the clothes and the body, because you definitely do not need a fit.

Like nothing and baggy. Many chubby ladies turn to oversized style, wrapping themselves in things that only visually make them heavier.

Therefore, give up styles that will make you shapeless or bulky, be careful with trends such as bulky shoulders and oversized. It is best if your silhouette is straight or slightly fitted, tapering to the ankles.

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An important nuance is length. If we are talking about a dress or a skirt, then you should not choose styles above the knee or knee-deep, midi options are preferable.

By the way, if you still decide to open your legs, then always pay attention to how your knees look – they often turn out to be imperfect for overweight ladies.

The color scheme should be light with bright blotches.

Your best friends:

  • White;
  • diluted pink;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • lavender;
  • coral.

But it is better to exclude dark, gloomy and dull colors – they add age and “eat up” all your freshness.

Business dressing style for girls with a plus-size figure: 5 tips from a stylist
Photo @girlwithcurves

Choosing the right suit

Of course, the main item of a modern lady’s business wardrobe is a trouser suit.

Donuts should never give up on it: a well-chosen suit will visually stretch the figure, help hide many problem areas and even lose a few extra pounds.

Look for options with an elongated jacket that hides prominent hips and, with well-fitting, slightly tapered pants. This style will look especially advantageous when paired with pumps or heeled sandals.

And don’t forget that it’s always best to wear the top unbuttoned to create another vertical!

Business dressing style for girls with a plus-size figure: 5 tips from a stylist
Photo @stylemecurvy

Caution: chest!

As a rule, plus-size girls are happy owners of lush or very lush breasts. And therein lies the main catch when drawing up an office look: what will look like the main advantage on a date is likely to be completely inappropriate at work.

The plunging neckline, as well as the fit that accentuates all the curves, will undoubtedly draw attention to you, but hardly in a positive context.

Therefore, dressing for work, pay special attention to the neckline: the neckline should not open more than the work dress code allows, and the underwear should not show through under the fabric.

Business dressing style for girls with a plus-size figure: 5 tips from a stylist
Photo @elabonbonella

Hide your tummy

One of the problem areas of many overweight girls is a prominent tummy. Well-chosen styles will help to hide it.

Avoid over-fitting and low waist, give preference to:

  • straight-cut shirts and blouses (but not baggy);
  • A-line or T-line dresses;
  • elongated jackets.

Pay attention to:

  • things with a basque;
  • wide belts;
  • wrap dresses;
  • shirt dresses;
  • high-waisted trousers.

They will help to hide all unwanted nuances of the figure.

Business dressing style for girls with a plus-size figure: 5 tips from a stylist
Photo @elabonbonella

No boredom!

No matter how strict and conservative your office dress code is, you don’t have to look gray and faceless. Details will help to add originality to the image, for example, large jewelry, a catchy belt or glasses in an unusual frame.

If your dress code allows for colors other than the classic black and white, then feel free to use this in order to spice up your look.

For example, instead of the usual black pencil skirt, get a blue or yellow one, choose a suit in a blue or pleasant powdery color, or complement the look with a bright accessory. Play with colors, use color-blocking, and of course don’t forget about the optical illusions that color can give you.

Business dressing style for girls with a plus-size figure: 5 tips from a stylist
Photo @stylemecurvy

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